Saturday, April 3, 2010


shann告诉我。。你离开了,在车祸中。。又是那一条致命的air hitam路。。


很难过。。用一包potatochip 来消化这一个消息。。出去走走 来换个心情


现在的你,有在好好地看着大家吗? 我知道你也会很难过,因为大家都在为你的离开而难过。。

uncle & auntie johnny, 你哥他们,你妹,你的她和你们的小孩。。





再见了,我很久很久没见的你。。 。。


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

舞台, do i know you?

舞台舞台 , thanks for dropping by..

thanks for you being enjoy reading my rubbish..

but i wonder if i know you ^^

still, welcome always =hugz=

Monday, February 15, 2010


happy chinese new year!!!

i m looking forward to be at my layang home again. i bet you guys sure miss me lotsa =p

alone n cold@tokyo

Monday, February 1, 2010

it's snowing..

finally, tokyo's sky is falling snow ..

snowing, snowing, snowing..

only for tonight and tomorrow, possible =p

more pic to update! ^^

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

in dilemma, your opinions please!

renting a unit at japan is expensive! very expensive. the price is almost the same to rent a unit at bukit bintang ard RM3K and above.

in japan , it's just the cheapest price to rent a unit of a person (20.25㎡), which we called as studio room. and it's smaller than the studio room at kl (usually kl studio room is abt 600 square feet.

well, i need to decide if i want to go to stay at another dorm or i should rent a unit outside and stay by myself.

dorm is cheaper every month but old and i dont know how to use the japanese style toilet :__: another more important thing is the first month is expensive because you have to pay 6mths rental in the first month.

staying outside is more expensive per month but i will have a cozy and comfortable space and time for myself.. whereby i have to pay for everything, include internet, gas, water, electric & etc. of course, it includes the furniture and fittings & electrical appliances. it's gotta costs money and the first month is cheaper to start and more expensive to continue..

which one will you choose??

ps: dorm = 310,000.00 yen = RM12400; outside is unknown but the rental to start is 180,000.00 = RM7,200.00 without any electric appliances & ect

Sunday, January 24, 2010

chean is leaving to UK today morning

chean is leaving to UK today and i think he is trying hard to sleep in the tiny MAS cabin with economy flight ticket!

of course, i would not be able to meet him as i m still at japan myself..

good luck, bro! hope you can survive at UK alone!

i am actually looking forward to see everybody at home, at our sweet home at layang-layang.. i believe this day will come soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

reason to live on..

"my reason to live on is to find my reason to live on. "

i am speechless.. thanks for that. i will remember this whenever i am lost..