Tuesday, January 26, 2010

in dilemma, your opinions please!

renting a unit at japan is expensive! very expensive. the price is almost the same to rent a unit at bukit bintang ard RM3K and above.

in japan , it's just the cheapest price to rent a unit of a person (20.25㎡), which we called as studio room. and it's smaller than the studio room at kl (usually kl studio room is abt 600 square feet.

well, i need to decide if i want to go to stay at another dorm or i should rent a unit outside and stay by myself.

dorm is cheaper every month but old and i dont know how to use the japanese style toilet :__: another more important thing is the first month is expensive because you have to pay 6mths rental in the first month.

staying outside is more expensive per month but i will have a cozy and comfortable space and time for myself.. whereby i have to pay for everything, include internet, gas, water, electric & etc. of course, it includes the furniture and fittings & electrical appliances. it's gotta costs money and the first month is cheaper to start and more expensive to continue..

which one will you choose??

ps: dorm = 310,000.00 yen = RM12400; outside is unknown but the rental to start is 180,000.00 = RM7,200.00 without any electric appliances & ect


Eva's said...

Hi babe,no worry you try to write out the pros and cos of both choice and at the end you can see which one you need to choose :)

PeACe said...

walao eh, so expensiv. but i'll choose dorm gua. d 1st month expensiv a bit nvm lo. rm7200 is a lot leh, every month pay like tat chi zao bankrupt lo. when u become richer den only u rent outside la.

iamckb said...

dorm=RM12400 is for 6mths?meant abt 2066 per mth?
outside RM 7200 is per mth?
if only compare the expense,i think better stay dorm lor..

mademoiselle said...

dorm. can u find any home stay?