Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year 2010

happy new year 2010 everybody! may all your dreams come true this year too!

this is my first new year at japan. i just back from temple visit actually. i didnt join a big group of hostel mates to meiji jingu but i went to the nearby temple which i walk past everyday..

it's small but very nice.

japanese visit temples on the first day of new year before /after 12am. it's called as Hatsumode.

took some pic..and will share with you guys again!

今年もよろしく御願いします ^^

Sunday, December 27, 2009

seasons greetings!

hey.. i am back.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

sorry for not updating as often.. busy, yes! got a short term part time job and my daily routine formula: school->work->rush back to cook / prepare for tomorrow bento & etc ->shower at 11->homework ->sleep. sometimes i gotta skip the cooking part because i m late and kitchen closed. (yes, kitchen closes at 930pm and if i m late, i can even have water n hot water for the night >__<;;

my 1st xmas at japan => work n no pressie of course! but i received card from angel kajie by EMS! (happy!!)

more pic to updates soon!

Season Greetings from japan =)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ken Hirai -僕は君に恋する (boku wa kimi ni koi suru)

ちっぽけな仆だけれど 君をみつけた『渺小的我 却找到了你』

さよなら、ありがとう、好きだよ、好きだよ『再见 谢谢 喜欢你 好喜欢你』
さよなら、笑ってよ、泣くなよ、バカだな『再见 请微笑 别落泪 那很傻』
何度も、何度でも仆は君に恋をする『无论几千几百回 我依然会恋上你』

恋色に染まる心 君とみつけた『泛着恋爱颜色的心 与你一同寻觅』

さよなら、また会おう、ごめんね、好きだよ『再见 约好了再见 对不起 好喜欢你』
さよなら、笑ってよ、怒んなよ、バカだな『再见 请微笑 别生气 那很傻』
恋しい 苦しい、爱しいじゃ足りない『恋恋不舍 辛酸苦涩 心生怜爱 并不足以形容』
何度も、何度でも仆は君と恋をする『无论几千几百回 我依然会恋上你』

恋する瞳と爱する痛みを『爱的眼眸 爱的痛楚』
君が仆にくれた辉き忘れない ずっと『你赠予我的光芒 永远不会忘怀』

さよなら、ありがとう、好きだよ、好きだよ『再见 谢谢 喜欢你 好喜欢你』
さよなら、笑ってよ、泣くなよ、バカだな『再见 请微笑 别落泪 那很傻』
何度も、何度でも仆は君に恋をする『无论几千几百回 我依然会恋上你』

さよなら、また会おう、ごめんね、好きだよ『再见 约好了再见 对不起 好喜欢你』
さよなら、笑ってよ、怒んなよ、バカだな『再见 请微笑 别生气 那很傻』
恋しい 苦しい、爱しいじゃ足りない『恋恋不舍 辛酸苦涩 心生怜爱 并不足以形容』
何度も、何度でも仆は君と恋をする『无论几千几百回 我依然会恋上你』

Sunday, October 25, 2009

it's getting cold..

it has been a sunny week for last week and i enjoy the cooling weather without umbrella.

it rained yesterday and today

the weather is getting cold.. that i have to wear a jacket / wind breaker when i go out for grocery.

my room is cold and the floor is even colder. it feels like i m standing above ice cube but wearing slipper like japanese still not my style

if i have a good and comfortable slipper, i think i will wear it and no need to worry about the sweat

still, i think i would rather wear socks instead of the lousy slipper.

the weather is getting cold and it will . i cant just go out without my jacket anymore.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

happy birthday gal

Happy Birthday to my lovely sister, Peace Celia Chong

Love you  =hugz=

ps: enjoy yourself and i will see you soon ^^

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


tokyo here have been raining for 2 days.. and of course, the weather is cooling.. tat i dont need to on air con and i can feel it outside. 
no fan here but got aircon..
i never know this room can be this wet that.. my wardrobe becomes a plant for mildewy.. 
what should i do? i cant change a new one because this does not belong to me and i cant buy a new one because it's expensive.. 
i dont even think that the officer would be bother about this..  (ya..this wardrobe is rather old i know. but not mine anyway)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

about coin shower

i had my coin shower for the very first time in my life here today.
coin shower is very common for student dormitory at japan which you paid coin to shower with limited time.
my dorm has coin shower as well which i paid 100yen for a 9 minutes shower. the machine looks old but it's actually good i would say which i have enough time to shower. i actually think i am wasting the water and the money.
wish i only have to pay 50yen for 5minutes shower

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

thanks for making my life alot easier during the office time

thanks for making my life alot easier & comfort during the office time. of course, with connie, ms lam & rachel too ^^
(i think blogspot got problem when uploading the pic)

Monday, September 28, 2009

1st day at tokyo..

arrival time: 648 am Malaysia time

wash your ass ..haha..

what a scene!

leaving narita by train

matsuya - beef rice (cheap and nice!! but you wont see girl there usually.)

Mitaka , Tokyo

waiting for dinner

super yummy burger! 360yen + 340 yen + 340yen for set

Saturday, September 26, 2009

counting down..

counting down for the 7.30pm flight..

and, it is raining heavily outside now.. 

Monday, September 21, 2009

i love being at layang..

back to my layang home sweet home..

where i am familiar with almost everything, the air, the street light, the shops, the street, the railway station, the satay shop, the community hall, the new pasar (which i am not so familiar with), the old taste of chee chiong fun, the simple breakfast, the people, the dust, the tree & blah blah ..

had renovation last month so basically it's super dirty and super messy at home which i had to wear slipper which i never do before..

wish that i have time to do the cleaning & such but i have so many things to do for the super short one day back to layang..

i wanna bring waipo out for breakfast.. i wanna meet ahboon.. i wanna clear my stuff in my wardrobe because i do not have a room myself anymore.. all my stuff will be in my small wardrobe..

at least i know the things will not be changed dramatically when i come back next year

i love being at home.. no matter how dirty & messy it is ..hehe..

Friday, September 18, 2009

2nd wisdom teeth ops

yesterday went to see dentist dr. helen and decided to do wisdom tooth operation today.

ended up, i have to take out 2 tooth (plural) = 2 teeth

i have forgotten the taste of blood in my mouth.. after 10 hrs and the bleeding is still going on ..

supposed to go genting with family..supposed to go to makan good feast before i leave..supposed to have crab feast before i go..supposed to take a good rest from my work..

all gone! =crying=

ps 1: feel very bad that i cant go with dad & mum this time.. dad called this morning and i know he is disappointed and i could not meet them at uncle place before they left to genting..stupid pain from the ops!

ps 2: counting down to 27092009 and i have not packed my stuff

Monday, September 7, 2009

since office blocks facebook

it has been more than a month since "the one inside the room" of office IT dept blocks all the entertainment websites which include facebook, ebuddy, youtube, friendster..and the terrible one tat they also block all the blogspot uploaded pictures..

this is how every of the blogspot pic appear in my screen.. (tell you i cant see the pic now even blogspot told me that "the photo has been uploaded successfully". WHERE is the pic ???)

thanks to facebook that i can receive updates from all the comments from my friend list abt my page..

but i cant see what is going and which thread they are referring to!!
( what talking you?? haiyo)

haiyo.. troublesome!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

simple pancake

pancake poweder + egg + fresh milk + heart shape = heart shape pancake

special recipe: raisin

simply taste great with butter..yum yum

Saturday, September 5, 2009

爱情。。with price tag


LOVE has a price tag..and it is not "PRICELESS"
(of course M CARD cant buy it as well)

what is your price??

Friday, September 4, 2009

about my hair..

read de Cor's post abt hair and i wanna to tell my hair story too..

i had short hair when i was small. tat's why i looked like a boy
i had short hair till i went primary school.. i was happy because i finally had long hair. i didnt cut short at all for the 6 years! and my hair was all the time longer than shoulder length.

graduated from primary school, i went to Independent School which all girls and guys with short hair not longer than collar.

i cried when i knew that i had no choice but cut short my hair. i waited till the very last day. i took pic with my hair to remember my long hair days..

i cried when the hair cut auntie cut my hair and i remember the auntie laughed and asked me to keep my hair. and, i did! i kept for years before i threw it.

6 years, short hair. it was tat time i so envy ppl with pony tail!

finally, 6 years secondary school graduated and i m happy with my long hair!

in between i did cut short but not very short because i still enjoying tie up my pony tail.

i was long hair when i broke up with my ex.. and i decided to go for a make over!

for the very first time, i spent RM600 to curl my hair and dyed my hair to light brown. for the very first time i sat there for 6 hours just to get the hair done.. i told myself i would not do this again.. but i failed

in between, i dyed and curled, i cut short, i dyed and curled.

i just curled my hair for the april trip to taiwan and i cut my fringe flat look like mushroom!

of course my fringe does not look like this anymore =p

soon, i will cut my hair very short. yes i want it to be very short. shorter than secondary time!!

i will cut my hair before i leave ^^

Thursday, September 3, 2009

postpone my last day..

postpone my last day at my current job for another week.. because i really not willing to come back for another 2 weeks of thurs, fri & sat to see all the papers on the table..

too many things to do and i have not even started to finish clear one stray, not even one stray.. still busy and busy..

one more week..and i have to let go and i have to allow the mess on the table with all acknowledged but yet to reply letters to solicitors and non stop calls from solicitors..

sorry for all the mess guys..but i know you guys will understand because i already extend my last day!

still counting down..

counting down.

counting down..

finally got the stuff from school..

going to pay the money->get my visa->final packing of all my junks->busy with yee's wedding->and..flying..
(not me, i dont have wings, i cant fly but airplane can)

Monday, August 17, 2009

do not read

if you read my blog, if you know my parents if you know that they give in again please tell them that i wont attend the wedding i am so fed up and i am so pissed off i will close my eyes please let me sleep and please tell me that i should not be angry to know what going to happen.. to know that the days of non-stop arguments are coming and i will be sad even though i am at japan and i dont want to see this and i really hate people just bullying my family and please tell my parents stop being so nice and please believe that this world is dark and full of greedy people like the family and they will not be satisfied with that they are asking now and they will ask for more and more and more and if they have so many things to complain why do not that they just call of the wedding and do not ever talk about it since we have done what we supposed to do and i really do not see what is good about this marriage and what do i still want to do so many for her for them and she does not even appreciate a single one so what if you are okay looking with your big size lower body and if you believe that you will marry to a millionaire or even billionaire and why would you even bother to take so much effort to masuk my family and keep complaining to your mum that my brother this and my brother and have you even ask your daughter to see the mirror herself auntie if you do not ever do so please do it now and i curse you that your son will suffer the same thing as my brother and what you are doing to my family now and your son will deserve the same thing which i am pretty sure that you will not have enough money to pay for everything and i m cursing you now yes i am whatever you say and whatever it is and maybe i should not curse but i really want to and i truly wish it works and please work please let those greedy people suffer from their greediness and please let them die in hell with their greediness forever and ever and ever please do not ever come to hurt normal people with your greediness and show to the world that how ugly you guys can be and how demanding can a normal people like you can be so demanding and please stop the wedding if you really this your daughter will marry to a billionaire and millionaire and one day you would be those hongkie movie that you will teach your daughter how to be meant and how to be bad and trying super hard to steal ppl money and i dont care whatever intention you are please do not ever lay your fingers on my family and please be reminded that i do not mind to be a ugly people in front of all your ugly people and teach you that i can be still pretty in front of ugly people like you i have no doubts that i can do it and i believe that i am million times pretty and beautiful than your family i really pity your small kid to grow up in a family like you please ask god to jaga you and you must pray to the god, pray to the budha and pray to the indi buddha and pray to whatever it is that your family will suffer in hell i am sure it will be like that i have lost all my interest and i really do not wish to attend the wedding anymore and to see the ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people if you die and i m glad that this world is lesser by one more ugly people this is not a stupid idea

happy birthday to zi..

happy birthday to you.. and welcome to 20+++++++


maybe i should save your pressie for your next year pressie too ^^

love you, i know you know that! =hugz=
ps: this the only pic in my mac =p

she is greedy and the whole family is greedy!!!


why they cant see how greedy she is.. why they still want to give in all the time..

and , her family just too greedy and i will definitely do something..

and my mum.. please show to my mum that how ugly people is.. and not everyone like us..

oh ... dmmmmmm

i warn you , you better dont piss me off or i will show you the color, red, blue, black, grey, yellow, purple..whatever it is!!!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love is Price or worth of RM500 ??

i was shopping alone at mid valley to look for couple wed bear2 ..

forever friends and me-to- you bear2 is so expensive! a simple small one for display will cost abt 250 for a pair and do not even mention the big pair..

i was at this hallmark shop at gardens. i saw a big group of guy (and i m sure they are students!!) standing outside the shop.

accidently i overheard the conversation " love is priceless and i wont pay RM500+ to buy a bear and i dont even have money to buy something else. with the RM500, i can buy a whole room of bear2 but not only 1!) (haha..of course, this conversation is in mandarin and the way they dressed in short , slipper & back bag, i m sure they are college or university student =p no offence)

and i saw a guy was buying a big size of Forever Friend and only him in the shop while all the friends were waiting outside and joking lame jokes. i didnt know how much he paid but i know that he couldnt even afford for another ribbon because he negotiated with the shop assistant for free ribbons..of course he wont get a free ribbon.

haha.. What's for?? Love iS PricelESS?? with RM500+ Forever Friend ? oh ya RIGHT!

Cute!! for a price of RM500 + ? you better give me CASH please

selling abt 300+ for a pair = expensive!!!

expensive pair. for wed car deco?? waste money

happy birthday to Mr Ong & Soo

happy birthday to Mr Ong & Soo.. (for the super full lunch + yummy cake) ^^

Monday, August 3, 2009

i m just too keypo..

have been busy..

i know everyone is busy as well.. but why am i busying with other ppl's stuff ??

suddenly feel that .. i am too keypo and busybodying does not earn me anything , not even a "thank you"

taking for granted is bad!

ps: counting down.. counting down.. counting down.. どうしてうれしくないの??

Saturday, August 1, 2009



can i learn how to shoot wedding in 1 mth?? can i learn how to bake in 1 mth? can anyone lend me his/her DSLR for experiments? can i learn things that i want to learn in 1mth?? can Toto let me wins the coming millions dollars?? can i have someone who love me and love my family?? can i have someone who can shoot wedding photo and willing to accept very low payment? can i have someone who can help me do the makeup on Actual Day?? can i have someone to help me?? can i have someone who can understand my love to my family?? can i have someone who .. ..

i know i am asking too much..

but i m in tears when i asking myself for all these?? i m trying hard not to cry.. why am i still in tears. please blame the southern comfort, the heineken and the Dom..

life is hard.. please let me finish my heineken and let me sleep well. please!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

shin chan..

today.. suddenly, i miss shin chan.. 

i still miss him.... and i wanna meet him in my dream and ask him " How are you, shin?"

.. .. ..

please meet me in my dream.. please.. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

facing computer screen

9-6pm  pc, facing computer screen, do work, do checking, use system, use software, pick up calls..

after 7pm, reach home still face computer because playing facebook.. till 12am..

all thanks to the IT dept " the one in the room" who blocked facebook, itunes, ebuddy so that we off from work still need to online and face computer & internet!

only have 5 hrs that my eyes will close and rest.. because i sleep too!

good night! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fat fat fat

getting fat.. cant help..

i also wanna look good in dress!! but i cant resist local food because i m leaving..

life is always .. not simple as a choice.. 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

stupid lawyer..

think back about the conversation which i had with this lawyer,Mr Veera ( from M/S VEERA, ROKHSAH & ASSOCIATES, address at Langsari Business Centre, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling)

i have to admit that i m not smart enough. i should reply him in a calm tone with the following fact:-

(1) your staff did not do the job properly not my pasal loh.

(2) now it is you want me to do you and your client a favour to ask my PA to sign the paper. you bloody hell talk to me like that.

(3) you didnt read the documents properly and call me for what

(4) do not use your lung to talk lung talk , you no brain ah lawyer.

(5) what do you care if i m a lawyer or what if you are a lawyer and you talk like a lala zai.

(6) you no need to tell me you are a lawyer because i do not care if you are a lawyer or a janitor of your lawyer firm. you rude and you are just like nobody

(7) i suka i will hold your case. you sue me lah!!

(8) your staff very busy and i also very busy have to answer calls from lawyers like you. WASTE MY TIME

(9) i do not want to talk to you , i suka ,can not ah! you sue me lah lawyer.

(10) you want to talk to me you can not call one ah. why have to ask ppl to call for you and put me on hold to wait for you to pick up the call. you thought i very free ah!


ps: dealing ppl like this simply waste my effort and time. BUT, i will not get upset over the whole thing. it just showed me how idiots a lawyer can be. and, i m learning to deal smartly with this kind of ppl in the future.

ps: sorry for the broken english and slang.. just for the fun of it!


i m satisfied with adrianne & her cuppie. she is friendly and confident. i like. thanks for her hard work even check the japanese word online (even though it's wrong.i think she didnt see the " )


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've booked my ticket..

I have booked my ticket..

one thing done! more to go.. still waiting... gotta do the counting down thingy =p

Friday, July 10, 2009

cupcake! something i do not how to do

there is something i always always always wanna do..and something i always always envy those ppl who know how to do and being very good at it... 

something can be so simple to those are very good at it.. it just like nothing more than a little girl playing in the playground with all the colorful toys around.. yes! it just exactly like it and nothing fancy!

i LOVE to see cutie cuppies!!! 

Yes i do NOT know how to do it. for a simple fact that my mum cant do it neither my dad nor my sister. and don't you forget that i am a rather tomboy. i have my kid photo to prove that i looked more like a boy than a girl when i was small and i m always big size!

cupcakes just hitting the town! you will see more ppl learn how to do cuppies and start to sell cuppies and many ppl start to buy cupcakes instead of cakes. very a simple fact that cuppies maker always design cutie cuppies to please people and cake just wins for the portion. not to mention that cuppies can actually cost more than a cake! 

months ago, i've done my research to local cupcake online stores and i found out that majority of cuppies makers (pastry ) just Malay (malay auntie). 

why is it famous among malay? and i group it for few reasons:-
1. cupcakes are HALAL. at least they wont use pig oil to cook it right?
2. cupcakes just suitable for malay groom to give it to malay girl for pressie on engagement (sorry, there is a word for this and pardon malay-cacat-me. please tell me what is this if you know)
3. malay aunties too free and not working. 
4. malay rather famous for their kuih muih and making these just in their gen.
5. by making cuppies at home just increase the household income
6. make some for the family and make some for the can just enjoy it and they can forget about the spicy dinner of rendang and chili
7. majority of their design just flowers (for the wedding type)

However, chinese are getting in to fight with them with better taste and creativity. yes! chinese cuppies makers mostly younger group of age between 20-35 (so far those i have contacted with). they like to share their new creations and wanna ppl to share their happiness when having a cuppie..

you ask me if i really like to eat cuppie?? emm.. depend. so far, cuppies still sweet for me and i do not have sweet tooth. but It is OBVIOUSLY happy to see new creations popping out.. and dreaming about the funny face when ppl receive it as surprises! 

i helped a friend who ordered as her wedding cake before. all the friends and the couples love it so much! at least it not the simple "ga rui beng (cantonese" / " jia nui bing (for chinese)" or a box of assorted slice cakes like last time. (when i was small, i like to know abt ppl marriage, because they sent box of assorted cakes and i was happy to choose the cakes =p)

a simple happiness ^^

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

chinmean & weikang wedding @04072009

i had a meaningful weekends. did you?

one of my girl friends, chinmean (ah no/bo li mean) just got married with her lovely husband, weikang, on 04/07/2009. the ceremony n wedding dinner held at hometown, Kluang on saturday. because of that, i rushed back from kl after work n reached there ard 130am. thanks ahboon for providing me for the one night accommodation + rubbish chit chat.

the whole ceremony was fun! the brothers are cooperative, naughty n fun! 

chinmean just pretty n cutie & baby face =p 


next year i come back from japan i will visit you and your cutie baby ^^

ps: you can check out the pic at my facebook and also i m still waiting for the pic from her too 

Saturday, June 20, 2009

my saturday 20/06/09

12 hours of hard work and i only got half of the hair done.. tired!  ..and i still have a full pic to go..

i will make sure i complete the whole thing..working hard on it. 

oh ya.. i am talking abt cross stitch. do not be surprise that i do that. not that i dont know just i dont do.. the above explained why.. =p

hope you guys have a nice sunday too! 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

what a night with girls!

always a great one with you girls !! and of course, with siwtian's "蜜蜜“ (不能說的秘密!)wahaha!!!

Zhong Ji Tian Tuan Final with them

went for the first malaysia live show at stadium negara with celia, guangxi & youying. celia msg in to One Fm to get the free tickets. the radio actually announced as VIP Tickets. but it's actually not VIP at all. it's grouped as Fan B.. (which mean got Fan A?? i wonder and not that i realised so) rather disappointed to the free tickets because we thought it's VIP as it announced. 

we reached there actually because we expected traffic jam at jln loke yew / jln hang tuah, but it didnt. apparently Friendz has many fans..and surprisingly ONLY FRIENDZ has officially sponsored posters around..

rumours said.. "friendz 100% win" ( and they did)

celia supports friendz,  so does youying. they wore green! same thing to many friendz's fans wore green too. we were at the green zone..with a bunch of crazy green fans.. they shouted n shouted n shouted.. (but apparently the tv crews didnt shoot them..haha!) 

for the live performance, friendz has the highest. i only thinks the one guy in the group can really sing and look presentable in front of camera..the rest just looks like normal guys. (which mean normal face) there is the different from the foreign boy bands which they looks good and presentable in general. 

but guess which teams has the most shouts?? friendz? YTou? Star???  NOPE! it's the taiwan band's LOLLIPOP (a boy band from taiwan) all the teen girls around us just like suddenly became animal, shouted like the sky is going to fall.. ears pain!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

fun ppl which i met with recently

attended ken's wedding for 2 weeks, both alor star & kl. followed jason all the way to alor star to take ken's wedding pic. 

for the very first time, drove all the way to alor star. if not, i wont know that alor star is that far but not so far =p; for the very first time see the padi field along the highway; first time knowing that kurnia insurance sponsored a hall at alor star; first time for the full course vegetarian food; first time knowing that the videa-camera man can also become "dai kam jie" ^^ 

nevertheless, the fun ppl i met with. seriously i dont think i am very friendly ppl. 

nice meeting you jasmine, jeffrey( the vet-going-to-be, which mean the "beast doc"), the twin pohhong & poh yen.. and of course , the bride, wan chui & ken's family