Friday, September 4, 2009

about my hair..

read de Cor's post abt hair and i wanna to tell my hair story too..

i had short hair when i was small. tat's why i looked like a boy
i had short hair till i went primary school.. i was happy because i finally had long hair. i didnt cut short at all for the 6 years! and my hair was all the time longer than shoulder length.

graduated from primary school, i went to Independent School which all girls and guys with short hair not longer than collar.

i cried when i knew that i had no choice but cut short my hair. i waited till the very last day. i took pic with my hair to remember my long hair days..

i cried when the hair cut auntie cut my hair and i remember the auntie laughed and asked me to keep my hair. and, i did! i kept for years before i threw it.

6 years, short hair. it was tat time i so envy ppl with pony tail!

finally, 6 years secondary school graduated and i m happy with my long hair!

in between i did cut short but not very short because i still enjoying tie up my pony tail.

i was long hair when i broke up with my ex.. and i decided to go for a make over!

for the very first time, i spent RM600 to curl my hair and dyed my hair to light brown. for the very first time i sat there for 6 hours just to get the hair done.. i told myself i would not do this again.. but i failed

in between, i dyed and curled, i cut short, i dyed and curled.

i just curled my hair for the april trip to taiwan and i cut my fringe flat look like mushroom!

of course my fringe does not look like this anymore =p

soon, i will cut my hair very short. yes i want it to be very short. shorter than secondary time!!

i will cut my hair before i leave ^^

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PeACe said...

haha.. can wear wigs.