Friday, May 30, 2008


im happy that i managed to get my leaves for my birthday this year again. Public holiday (Wesak day) not count, i had a long holidays for 4 days. yeah!

i enjoyed myself so much at cameron again! good weather, good food, good view, good room, good service, good environment. cameron will be the place that i love to go here. a good reason for me to use up for leaves for cold weather, yummy yummy food at Equatorial Hotel fresh & crispy vege, sour & sweet cameron strawberry, sweet sweet corn, T'cafe famous scone, strawberry flavour coffee .. 
oh dear, i love this place!!

thanks all of you for your birthday msg and birthday presents. every single one counts. 

i am happy with my precious presents! full set of dryfit comfortable clothes, Guess sling bag, my face statue.. and i got myself a comfortable slipper =p
and, i donated my RM200.00 birthday angbao from my parents for charity. i m happy 

no flowers?? yes, this year no flowers =p hahaha

p/s: sorry for no pictures upload now and will try to upload soon if i have the photos

Thursday, May 15, 2008

i want.. ..

had a short chat with trix today. rather short because she is really busy nowadays.

we talked about what i will do this year birthday and what i want this year..straight in my mind, i told her i want RM60,000.00. 

ya, i do need this money if i want to leave here, as i told her, for my japan study fee. 

after some times, i still turning back to the 0 point. nothing has changed or maybe i do expect something will change. i still back to what i was who just have a dream and no money for the action. i still back to the nobody me..

at least, i know nothing has changed.. except i am getting older; except i am getting fatter; except i am getting more dull; except i am getting more auntie.. haha.. 

this year , i want a RM60,000!!!! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

pray with heart

doesnt matter what religion you believe; doesnt matter which god you trust; doesnt matter you pray or do not; doesnt matter who you are..


pray hard for those who are suffering now.. 

hope that both sichuan and myanmar ppl be strong for the future..

pray with heart. . 

Monday, May 12, 2008

what happen to me..

what happen to me for the past few week. rather busy and it's really have many things happen.. simple 1. sister birthday last month; mummy birthday last month; ashley birthday last month. 2. bought baby g for sister; bought flowers for mum; bought sexy/comfortable felix pyjama for ashley 3. had a great night with girls; ate crabs(ya we had dinner at chinese restaurant for crabs);had wine; knew a new friend; talk about rubbish; talk about one-night-stand(haha, yes we did =p. just because.. =p) 4. i change job. doing something new. still construction industry 5. new management new stuff.. which means more gossips , more and more gossips 6. and... birthday coming.. getting old.. take care, all of you.. =)

i am still alive =p