Monday, May 12, 2008

what happen to me..

what happen to me for the past few week. rather busy and it's really have many things happen.. simple 1. sister birthday last month; mummy birthday last month; ashley birthday last month. 2. bought baby g for sister; bought flowers for mum; bought sexy/comfortable felix pyjama for ashley 3. had a great night with girls; ate crabs(ya we had dinner at chinese restaurant for crabs);had wine; knew a new friend; talk about rubbish; talk about one-night-stand(haha, yes we did =p. just because.. =p) 4. i change job. doing something new. still construction industry 5. new management new stuff.. which means more gossips , more and more gossips 6. and... birthday coming.. getting old.. take care, all of you.. =)

i am still alive =p

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