Thursday, May 15, 2008

i want.. ..

had a short chat with trix today. rather short because she is really busy nowadays.

we talked about what i will do this year birthday and what i want this year..straight in my mind, i told her i want RM60,000.00. 

ya, i do need this money if i want to leave here, as i told her, for my japan study fee. 

after some times, i still turning back to the 0 point. nothing has changed or maybe i do expect something will change. i still back to what i was who just have a dream and no money for the action. i still back to the nobody me..

at least, i know nothing has changed.. except i am getting older; except i am getting fatter; except i am getting more dull; except i am getting more auntie.. haha.. 

this year , i want a RM60,000!!!! 

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