Monday, March 30, 2009

before backpack

backpacking.. tired??
i think the planning part is the worst!

thank god for the internet.. which i have to face the internet for ard 15hours .. i think i m getting old..



Sunday, March 22, 2009

1 day trip at genting, alone

today i did something again.. 

followed al& j to awana, took a shuttle bus to skyway.. and went to genting, alone =p

ah&j was there for training. since they didn't need my help, i just took the shuttle bus arranged by Awana to Genting Skyway. it's very convenient. almost every half an hour the shuttle bus will travel between Awana, Gotong bus station (which is just right besides the main entrance of skyway , under the tree. ya, under the tree. no bus stand or anything. if you see ppl standing at the entrance of junction, dont be surprised. they are just waiting for shuttle bus to sky way! ) the shuttle bus driver is very friendly and he even talked to the korean passage rs and some regulars =)

it was 9+ when i reached genting. even though i could simply spent my hours at casino, but i choose not to.. why do i want to when the weather was so good, cooling and shy2 sun just hid away =p

i could simple choose between an unlimited day pass of RM38-52 or an annual passport for a whole day of RM148.. i bought the RM148 annual passport because i think i will bring the kids to genting one of the sunday morning for a 1 day genting trip before i go japan. (want to do so to pay back what they lost during the last genting trip 2 weeks ago) 

with the annual passport, you can just wear the tag (ugly, with your instant photo shoot picture with) and play whatever you want to, both indoor and outdoor. except for those chargeable games like the flying coaster which you have to pay RM12 for a ride. 

at first, i thought the flying coaster is free (i though so because im not familiar with genting theme park anymore). i was excited. went in there, paid for the locker of a charge of RM5 because the machine has no refund for the balance (normal price is RM12.00) and went to queue (no queue actually). then the malay girl just told me that i have to pay for the ride of each RM12. i was like, what??? your stupid locker already makan my RM3.00 now you told me i have to pay for the ride?? if so, forget about it..

i almost played all the outdoor theme park games.. except for the baby kids one.. at least i realised that those games not longer excite me and not longer that adventure as it claims anymore.. 

i think i have grown up. just those games never changed and yet to upgrade.  

i left outdoor theme park when the sun was so shinny ard 12+

and then i can do the adult stuff, casino of course! =p i spent 3 hours there and i lost RM300+. well i think today just not my day to gamble..i kept losing all the way.. i actually done within 1 hours.. right? 

the rest of the time, i just stood behind ppl and watched different type of games.. and i found out there are so many games there, one of the games is simply your luck on 1 card. 

it's called Casino War. the rule is simple, 1 card to win and lose. player's card just has to be bigger number than banker then player win. of course it's 1 pay 1.  simple as that.  

yes, i didnt play any of the table games.. 2 simple reasons, the bet is big  (RM10 & above) and i washed hand of today games. 

too bad that i could win any money for my trip and my flight ticket to japan & living expenses there. greedy huh? well, you want to win too, dont you?  =(

at least, i bought latte for myself..  and i still feel good!  

how's your sunday? hope you had a good day!

ps: i will still try my luck again! wait and see uncle lim.. least sponsor my flight ticket to japan mah right? =p 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

application of school..

have been preparing the documents for a while..

finally, i submitted my application today..and now only pending for the appointment letter, visa, air ticket & $$

thanks my parents to get the bank documents done; thanks ms yong from pbb kahang; thanks ahboon to help me get my high school result too ..

finally, i've settled the first step! =)

ps: btw, i've passed the jlpt 4..which is like a kindergarten test for japanese.. haha.. nothing too much to think of.. but i m still happy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

what have you been doing recently

this is what i am busy with.. everyday..

1. prepare all the messy documents for application @ school
2. searching for cheap & convenient hostel @Hong Kong area
3. searching for cheap & convenient hostel @ taipei

4. doing all work related paperwork.. super sian! need to do double work because dont know who-d-hell-is-this who took all my copy set and i need to recopy for all the title.. (damn!) which i have been doing for the past few month!

anyone can recommend any nice & cheap hostel at hk/tw????

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


















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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

how are you?

hope you guys are doing good!

life has been slightly busy with all the applications and such.. at least i have stepped out the 2nd step..

all the decisions can only be made without any regrets! and i know i am not..

will still update for more!

take care!

ps: may be will go for duck noodle for supper or dinner.. like the taste and the good old lunch hours at CHHS you still remember? =)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Malaysia Water Quality

whose fault? i really dont know.. the syabas? piping ? the developer of this project? or the current Joint Management Body because they do not really care of the water quality?? what's the jmc doing now??

or it's the water fault??

sigh.. .. .. i curse when i shower! because i have to shower with this water..

damn! i curse! i really do.. .. ..

ps: no need to intro me what star water and what stone water, blah blah.. i am not the unit owner.. i cant do anything about it.. please forget about it!

for those stone water seller, i know this is how you can earn $$. use the picture if you want to..if this pic really cant help you, why not? go ahead!