Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Malaysia Water Quality

whose fault? i really dont know.. the syabas? piping ? the developer of this project? or the current Joint Management Body because they do not really care of the water quality?? what's the jmc doing now??

or it's the water fault??

sigh.. .. .. i curse when i shower! because i have to shower with this water..

damn! i curse! i really do.. .. ..

ps: no need to intro me what star water and what stone water, blah blah.. i am not the unit owner.. i cant do anything about it.. please forget about it!

for those stone water seller, i know this is how you can earn $$. use the picture if you want to..if this pic really cant help you, why not? go ahead!


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mademoiselle said...

oh my god !!!
you should contact your house's owner !!!