Friday, January 30, 2009






ps:我喜歡有紅包拿的新年! =p

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

why i always get this kind of shit!!!

i really dont understand how my brothers (yes, 2 brothers!!) drive the car..everytime i bring the car to service sure got some idiot problems!

really pissed me!

i have no idea zen managed to change the 2 new tyres with different sizes. so , the car has 2 different sizes tyres. one is 170 and the other 175. well, maybe someone (that someone idiot ppl) told him that bigger tyre BETTER! IDIOT!

i also dont understand how come yee can drive the cars for months and never notice that the tyres are BOTAK right now.. ya, i literally mean SMOOTHHHH....


and i always get this kind of shit!! damn!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

marriage?? not??

i am not very old..just not that young... damn! ya, time never stops.. and i am getting older and older everyday..who's not?

something that started to draw my attention recently just the wedding album pictures of my high school mates! thanks to facebook and friendster that i know many high school school mates are married and getting married..

i am a weirdo i think. i have no intention to get married either. maybe i will maybe i am not. it's always depend who i meet with. marriage is not something that i need to achieve in my life or it's not something i want to plan to. marriage can be a accomplishment that people trying to achieve just so to complete what so-called "Happiness Life" or "complete life". for me, i dont think so. it's not something to complete my days when i am alive.

wedding is fun & etc.. but marriage does not promise you a happily ever after princess story. not at all!

maybe i am just not prepared, not ready .. to fail..

it doesnt matter.. i am still looking forward to my sis, trix's wedding in another 2 years time.. and yours

still congrats to all of you! happily ever after =)

(dang dang dang dang..dang dang dang dang... )(you know, that song Loh! =p)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

KL 日本人会新年会, 10012009@ Japan Club, Tmn Seputeh

celia and our titbits. all for RM5.00. we were so happy to build ours with a RM5.00 =p

japanese kids and their colorful baloons

japanese kids and the colorful ball

baby enjoyed his shooting but he didnt win the monkey toy. in return, he got a free juice. =)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 09 To-Do List

i m thinking to get my monthly To-Do List .. so that i know what i m going to do.. to plan a little bit even though planning is always not my style

Jan 2009
before Next week thurs - 2nd & 3rd week of Jan 09
1. study and study. prepare for exam, again!!

before CNY - 3rd week of Jan 09
1. Chinese New Year baju Shopping
-Mom (done)
-sis (maybe no need. because she needs to try very long time..)
-dad (always say no need)
-bro (maybe no need. see got then buy dont have no need to buy =p)

2. Chinese New Year food shopping (not need to be hamper, but just something)
- uncle look
- uncle chiap
- auntie ceow chin
- ah dou

3. visit auntie jo

during CNY - 4th week of Jan
do whatever i want!! and looking forward to my angpao (still! and this the moments that i m happy i m still single and not married with kids =p )

what's yours?

Monday, January 5, 2009

seat belt.. a story of my friend

a cute pic by my classmate,妮妮♫ . she got the inspiration by her mum because auntie put a written notice at the car back seats to remind them to fasten the seat belt. it's so cute!

check out her blog entry at

share with you her cute drawing

ps: its a chinese blog but you will definitely fall in love with zhenyen's cute drawings!

Friday, January 2, 2009

of my 01012009

it was noon when i woke up actually =p

i had my simple new year brunch at bakeroni, simple extra large crossaint, which i like! simple food & good feeling for that =)

later, celia n yen came to fetch me. we went to mid valley because yen wanna shopping again. ya, again! nothing she will do except shopping. oh ya, still got food!

sushi zanmai was not so long queue. but there was no food on the belt.. ya, no food. we would have to order again!

she always spends very long time when shopping. almost all the shops she also wants to go it. we actually went to this "treats". she spent nearly 1 hr there and tried not less than 15 clothes. and the sales girl (who is rather boyish , wore jeans & punky style) kept bring baju for her to try. well, i dont like the sales girl taste. so desperately want to sell. yen bought a skirt. tried so many, it would be paise if she didnt buy anything.

mid valley was crowded, as usual =p

we shop till 10pm.. i bought a denim skirt for work (that's all!)

of the last few hours of 2008

Thursday, January 1, 2009

of my last day of 2008

wishing all of you,
=happy happy lucky lucky healthy healthy money money=

new year eve is all about food, gathering, party, traffic jam, countdown, firework, closing road and road blocks. yours??

we chitchatted in the office for closing roads, traffic jam, fireworks, countdowns.i had planned for the worst that i would jam in traffic for at least 1 hours¬ more than 3 hours. Roads were closed down for the countdown party around town. not to mention the public transport crowd. many cars and many ppl!

surprisingly, there was no jam in spite of closing roads at city area. i reached there in 20m with no jam and lots of car parks. =lucky=! since it's so quiet, i went to shopping at pavilion.

besides countdown, my intention to kl city area on new year eve is to spend my RM60 parkson vouchers which expired on 31122008. =p for my last minutes shopping, i got myself a night cream which i need and a belated xmas pressie =)

i had a fun new year eve countdown at kl city area. jokes, laughs, good food, nice drinks and good companions. but i did not watch the fireworks from both countdown and klcc countdown. the view was blocked by building(lot 10) and trees. this is what we called as "can only hear the sound but cant see" =p
i was at KL Plaza which next to Lot 10 and across Pavilio

the way back also very smooth. dropped by kuchai lama mcd to grab a late bite of chicken nuggets.


=sweet dream=