Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 09 To-Do List

i m thinking to get my monthly To-Do List .. so that i know what i m going to do.. to plan a little bit even though planning is always not my style

Jan 2009
before Next week thurs - 2nd & 3rd week of Jan 09
1. study and study. prepare for exam, again!!

before CNY - 3rd week of Jan 09
1. Chinese New Year baju Shopping
-Mom (done)
-sis (maybe no need. because she needs to try very long time..)
-dad (always say no need)
-bro (maybe no need. see got then buy dont have no need to buy =p)

2. Chinese New Year food shopping (not need to be hamper, but just something)
- uncle look
- uncle chiap
- auntie ceow chin
- ah dou

3. visit auntie jo

during CNY - 4th week of Jan
do whatever i want!! and looking forward to my angpao (still! and this the moments that i m happy i m still single and not married with kids =p )

what's yours?

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