Friday, January 2, 2009

of my 01012009

it was noon when i woke up actually =p

i had my simple new year brunch at bakeroni, simple extra large crossaint, which i like! simple food & good feeling for that =)

later, celia n yen came to fetch me. we went to mid valley because yen wanna shopping again. ya, again! nothing she will do except shopping. oh ya, still got food!

sushi zanmai was not so long queue. but there was no food on the belt.. ya, no food. we would have to order again!

she always spends very long time when shopping. almost all the shops she also wants to go it. we actually went to this "treats". she spent nearly 1 hr there and tried not less than 15 clothes. and the sales girl (who is rather boyish , wore jeans & punky style) kept bring baju for her to try. well, i dont like the sales girl taste. so desperately want to sell. yen bought a skirt. tried so many, it would be paise if she didnt buy anything.

mid valley was crowded, as usual =p

we shop till 10pm.. i bought a denim skirt for work (that's all!)

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KEN said...

Happy New Year my fren ^^