Thursday, January 1, 2009

of my last day of 2008

wishing all of you,
=happy happy lucky lucky healthy healthy money money=

new year eve is all about food, gathering, party, traffic jam, countdown, firework, closing road and road blocks. yours??

we chitchatted in the office for closing roads, traffic jam, fireworks, countdowns.i had planned for the worst that i would jam in traffic for at least 1 hours¬ more than 3 hours. Roads were closed down for the countdown party around town. not to mention the public transport crowd. many cars and many ppl!

surprisingly, there was no jam in spite of closing roads at city area. i reached there in 20m with no jam and lots of car parks. =lucky=! since it's so quiet, i went to shopping at pavilion.

besides countdown, my intention to kl city area on new year eve is to spend my RM60 parkson vouchers which expired on 31122008. =p for my last minutes shopping, i got myself a night cream which i need and a belated xmas pressie =)

i had a fun new year eve countdown at kl city area. jokes, laughs, good food, nice drinks and good companions. but i did not watch the fireworks from both countdown and klcc countdown. the view was blocked by building(lot 10) and trees. this is what we called as "can only hear the sound but cant see" =p
i was at KL Plaza which next to Lot 10 and across Pavilio

the way back also very smooth. dropped by kuchai lama mcd to grab a late bite of chicken nuggets.


=sweet dream=


妮妮 ♫ said...

Glad tat having an enjoyable new year count down....

I stayed at home!

rainechong said...

my first time out to area actually
remind me of those time when i was at sg =p