Friday, September 18, 2009

2nd wisdom teeth ops

yesterday went to see dentist dr. helen and decided to do wisdom tooth operation today.

ended up, i have to take out 2 tooth (plural) = 2 teeth

i have forgotten the taste of blood in my mouth.. after 10 hrs and the bleeding is still going on ..

supposed to go genting with family..supposed to go to makan good feast before i leave..supposed to have crab feast before i go..supposed to take a good rest from my work..

all gone! =crying=

ps 1: feel very bad that i cant go with dad & mum this time.. dad called this morning and i know he is disappointed and i could not meet them at uncle place before they left to genting..stupid pain from the ops!

ps 2: counting down to 27092009 and i have not packed my stuff

1 comment:

mademoiselle said...

oh, you are leaving soon. pls take care young lady. autumn is coming. my favourite season.
:) enjoy red leaves, enjoy life.

^.^ all the best ya.