Monday, September 21, 2009

i love being at layang..

back to my layang home sweet home..

where i am familiar with almost everything, the air, the street light, the shops, the street, the railway station, the satay shop, the community hall, the new pasar (which i am not so familiar with), the old taste of chee chiong fun, the simple breakfast, the people, the dust, the tree & blah blah ..

had renovation last month so basically it's super dirty and super messy at home which i had to wear slipper which i never do before..

wish that i have time to do the cleaning & such but i have so many things to do for the super short one day back to layang..

i wanna bring waipo out for breakfast.. i wanna meet ahboon.. i wanna clear my stuff in my wardrobe because i do not have a room myself anymore.. all my stuff will be in my small wardrobe..

at least i know the things will not be changed dramatically when i come back next year

i love being at home.. no matter how dirty & messy it is ..hehe..

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