Wednesday, June 3, 2009

fun ppl which i met with recently

attended ken's wedding for 2 weeks, both alor star & kl. followed jason all the way to alor star to take ken's wedding pic. 

for the very first time, drove all the way to alor star. if not, i wont know that alor star is that far but not so far =p; for the very first time see the padi field along the highway; first time knowing that kurnia insurance sponsored a hall at alor star; first time for the full course vegetarian food; first time knowing that the videa-camera man can also become "dai kam jie" ^^ 

nevertheless, the fun ppl i met with. seriously i dont think i am very friendly ppl. 

nice meeting you jasmine, jeffrey( the vet-going-to-be, which mean the "beast doc"), the twin pohhong & poh yen.. and of course , the bride, wan chui & ken's family 


妮妮 ♫ said...

recently really so many ppl getting married....

rainechong said...

ya loh. i got 3 colleagues are getting married this june,sept & nov and friend's wedding this july..oct also has. next year jan also kena booked.

but can only attend 3..the rest has to send pressie back =p

when's yours??