Tuesday, May 26, 2009


come to think of it.. it has been 4 years that i do not have birthday cake on my actual birthday =p

when i was small, the only birthday party i had was my 12 years old birthday party which i invited my friends to attend. we played with stupid games like flours, water & etc and had fun, makan. tat time, grandmum n mum had a hard time to prepare food because they had to prepared a small party like 30pax. it was happy because i had lots of pressie and birthday cake! and there was the only birthday party.

i still keep most of the pressie.. yes i do. all safe-kept in my drawer..

after pa-tou with my ex, i celebrated birthday with him. i was stupid last time..a kampung girl wanna to be fashionable and high expectations for my ex..i complained that he didn't buy me diamond necklace on my 21st birthday.. i complained that he didn't has any surprises for me..i complained that he didn't buy my fav flowers (now i also do not know what is my fav flowers)..i complained that he didn't buy me the things that i hinted him to buy.. i complained here and i complained there. yes i did! and it was a so long time ago..

nowadays, we almost every month also has birthday party at home (almost every month). it has become a time for us to gather for food & fun! we gather at uncle look house, grandma prepares steamboat.. we prepare pressie for the birthday one..we eat steamboat, we watch tv, we eat secret recipe's choco banana cake (8 out of 10), we take pictures.. 

and, it has been 4 years that i m at cameron highland..quietly to count for the time and telling myself that older for another year again.. no birthday cake, no big celebration, nothing.. just the cooling weather, strawberry, scones .. and the company ^^

i enjoy myself at cameron.. for a relaxing day! 

ps: sorry to girls that we haven't had party..please arrange

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