Sunday, June 7, 2009

Zhong Ji Tian Tuan Final with them

went for the first malaysia live show at stadium negara with celia, guangxi & youying. celia msg in to One Fm to get the free tickets. the radio actually announced as VIP Tickets. but it's actually not VIP at all. it's grouped as Fan B.. (which mean got Fan A?? i wonder and not that i realised so) rather disappointed to the free tickets because we thought it's VIP as it announced. 

we reached there actually because we expected traffic jam at jln loke yew / jln hang tuah, but it didnt. apparently Friendz has many fans..and surprisingly ONLY FRIENDZ has officially sponsored posters around..

rumours said.. "friendz 100% win" ( and they did)

celia supports friendz,  so does youying. they wore green! same thing to many friendz's fans wore green too. we were at the green zone..with a bunch of crazy green fans.. they shouted n shouted n shouted.. (but apparently the tv crews didnt shoot them..haha!) 

for the live performance, friendz has the highest. i only thinks the one guy in the group can really sing and look presentable in front of camera..the rest just looks like normal guys. (which mean normal face) there is the different from the foreign boy bands which they looks good and presentable in general. 

but guess which teams has the most shouts?? friendz? YTou? Star???  NOPE! it's the taiwan band's LOLLIPOP (a boy band from taiwan) all the teen girls around us just like suddenly became animal, shouted like the sky is going to fall.. ears pain!

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PeACe said...

not shout, is scream!!