Sunday, December 27, 2009

seasons greetings!

hey.. i am back.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

sorry for not updating as often.. busy, yes! got a short term part time job and my daily routine formula: school->work->rush back to cook / prepare for tomorrow bento & etc ->shower at 11->homework ->sleep. sometimes i gotta skip the cooking part because i m late and kitchen closed. (yes, kitchen closes at 930pm and if i m late, i can even have water n hot water for the night >__<;;

my 1st xmas at japan => work n no pressie of course! but i received card from angel kajie by EMS! (happy!!)

more pic to updates soon!

Season Greetings from japan =)

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Eva's said...

Merry Christmas Janice! Nvm I will sent you a Christmas gift!