Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love is Price or worth of RM500 ??

i was shopping alone at mid valley to look for couple wed bear2 ..

forever friends and me-to- you bear2 is so expensive! a simple small one for display will cost abt 250 for a pair and do not even mention the big pair..

i was at this hallmark shop at gardens. i saw a big group of guy (and i m sure they are students!!) standing outside the shop.

accidently i overheard the conversation " love is priceless and i wont pay RM500+ to buy a bear and i dont even have money to buy something else. with the RM500, i can buy a whole room of bear2 but not only 1!) (haha..of course, this conversation is in mandarin and the way they dressed in short , slipper & back bag, i m sure they are college or university student =p no offence)

and i saw a guy was buying a big size of Forever Friend and only him in the shop while all the friends were waiting outside and joking lame jokes. i didnt know how much he paid but i know that he couldnt even afford for another ribbon because he negotiated with the shop assistant for free ribbons..of course he wont get a free ribbon.

haha.. What's for?? Love iS PricelESS?? with RM500+ Forever Friend ? oh ya RIGHT!

Cute!! for a price of RM500 + ? you better give me CASH please

selling abt 300+ for a pair = expensive!!!

expensive pair. for wed car deco?? waste money

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