Thursday, July 16, 2009

stupid lawyer..

think back about the conversation which i had with this lawyer,Mr Veera ( from M/S VEERA, ROKHSAH & ASSOCIATES, address at Langsari Business Centre, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling)

i have to admit that i m not smart enough. i should reply him in a calm tone with the following fact:-

(1) your staff did not do the job properly not my pasal loh.

(2) now it is you want me to do you and your client a favour to ask my PA to sign the paper. you bloody hell talk to me like that.

(3) you didnt read the documents properly and call me for what

(4) do not use your lung to talk lung talk , you no brain ah lawyer.

(5) what do you care if i m a lawyer or what if you are a lawyer and you talk like a lala zai.

(6) you no need to tell me you are a lawyer because i do not care if you are a lawyer or a janitor of your lawyer firm. you rude and you are just like nobody

(7) i suka i will hold your case. you sue me lah!!

(8) your staff very busy and i also very busy have to answer calls from lawyers like you. WASTE MY TIME

(9) i do not want to talk to you , i suka ,can not ah! you sue me lah lawyer.

(10) you want to talk to me you can not call one ah. why have to ask ppl to call for you and put me on hold to wait for you to pick up the call. you thought i very free ah!


ps: dealing ppl like this simply waste my effort and time. BUT, i will not get upset over the whole thing. it just showed me how idiots a lawyer can be. and, i m learning to deal smartly with this kind of ppl in the future.

ps: sorry for the broken english and slang.. just for the fun of it!

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