Sunday, October 25, 2009

it's getting cold..

it has been a sunny week for last week and i enjoy the cooling weather without umbrella.

it rained yesterday and today

the weather is getting cold.. that i have to wear a jacket / wind breaker when i go out for grocery.

my room is cold and the floor is even colder. it feels like i m standing above ice cube but wearing slipper like japanese still not my style

if i have a good and comfortable slipper, i think i will wear it and no need to worry about the sweat

still, i think i would rather wear socks instead of the lousy slipper.

the weather is getting cold and it will . i cant just go out without my jacket anymore.


Eva's said...

yeah winter is coming. Take good care and of course a big cup of hot coffee :) Miss u especially when I wanna tapau hailan coffee but no kaki :(

iamckb said...

winter times...
just take care,be careful the chilblain or frostbite...

紫雨 said...