Sunday, March 2, 2008

ice cream and raining

i know it's been too long since my last blog. i was somewhat scolded by ahboon for missing in action for too long. i told him i am just waiting for him to call me. hehe.. i know i can be rather naughty when it's ahboon.

i was outside today. to mid valley, with cousins sisters, aunt and youying. even so, i was in bluey mood for some little things. and too bad, no one is free for dinner with me. in crowd, i still feel rather lonely at today. =p

there is a stall in mid valley that sells italian gelato. those who familiar with mid valley will know which one i am talking about. i dont know the brand. neh, the green colour one ah, selling gelato one. guys at the ice cream stall kept passing ice cream samples for us to try.

yummy yummy!

rum&raisin, choco mint , choco and love shape wafer!! i like rum&raisin


not too long after i reached home, it is raining so heavily that i can not even see my opposite building..

raining heavily.. .. still.. ..

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