Saturday, September 6, 2008


今天, 和爸爸通了電話。他提醒了我的日本之離 (因為我會離開)。他說,“錢已經準備好了。你几時要就跟我拿。 年底旅行就不要去那麼遠。不然等一下要找錢。。。”
突然間, 我不知道要說些甚麼。。 就問“他們lei?“ ”他們想讀書,我就有錢 ” (哈哈!突然”串”起來!”


決定了。。明年的現在,我應該會背起很多的bags。。離開這裡;應該就是這個時候吧, 我想。(如果跟著歷史的話)

你們大家, 還有一年的時間。。 請對我好一點點喔! 一點點就好 =p

算是公佈天下了。。 肯定了,會再告訴你,你,你。。

p/s: 有一點的傷。。

i was on the line with dad this afternoon. he reminded me about my japan LEAVE plan (because i will leave here) . he said the money is ready anytime. just ask for it. year end trips just budget abit. if not, later he needs to look for money..."
suddenly, i am speechless.. just asked him "how about them?" " if they want to study, i will have the money " (haha.. suddenly so "chuen")


somewhat decided already.. next year around this time, i will leave here.. should be around this time (if follow the history(the plan))

still have time.. maybe i will change again; even though i dont think i will change.. no reasons so..

all of you, one more year to go... please treat me slightly good..slightly good is enough =p

i have made this announcement.. will let you guys know again when it's confirmed..

p/s: sad.. still


Anonymous said...

Good to know that your dream is materialising. but hmmmm... based on your above post, it seems like you are asking money from your dad to go japan? Well, I certainly hope that's not the case... trix

creampuff said...

sorry for late late reply~
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价钱已经包register post.
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looking forward your reply^^