Tuesday, May 26, 2009


come to think of it.. it has been 4 years that i do not have birthday cake on my actual birthday =p

when i was small, the only birthday party i had was my 12 years old birthday party which i invited my friends to attend. we played with stupid games like flours, water & etc and had fun, makan. tat time, grandmum n mum had a hard time to prepare food because they had to prepared a small party like 30pax. it was happy because i had lots of pressie and birthday cake! and there was the only birthday party.

i still keep most of the pressie.. yes i do. all safe-kept in my drawer..

after pa-tou with my ex, i celebrated birthday with him. i was stupid last time..a kampung girl wanna to be fashionable and high expectations for my ex..i complained that he didn't buy me diamond necklace on my 21st birthday.. i complained that he didn't has any surprises for me..i complained that he didn't buy my fav flowers (now i also do not know what is my fav flowers)..i complained that he didn't buy me the things that i hinted him to buy.. i complained here and i complained there. yes i did! and it was a so long time ago..

nowadays, we almost every month also has birthday party at home (almost every month). it has become a time for us to gather for food & fun! we gather at uncle look house, grandma prepares steamboat.. we prepare pressie for the birthday one..we eat steamboat, we watch tv, we eat secret recipe's choco banana cake (8 out of 10), we take pictures.. 

and, it has been 4 years that i m at cameron highland..quietly to count for the time and telling myself that older for another year again.. no birthday cake, no big celebration, nothing.. just the cooling weather, strawberry, scones .. and the company ^^

i enjoy myself at cameron.. for a relaxing day! 

ps: sorry to girls that we haven't had party..please arrange

Friday, May 22, 2009

same name.. the old one and the current one

it's weird to know someone who had the same old name you had..and have the same name now too..

yes..weird.. and she is a pretty ^^ 

hope that she will grow and move on with her colorful life soon ^^

ps: luckily we do not have the same chinese name.but she is same chinese name as my girlfriend..haha..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Canon IXUS 110 IS -pressie 2009

 just a super super cool camera canon ixus 101 is!! i love it so much! ^^ thanks for this luxury pressie =hugz=
had fun taking video and cam-whoring again (hehe..) super good quality!! 

had fun at cameron ! still..super relaxing..enjoy the cooling weather so so much.. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

happy birthday to YeeLing 1605

to my dear yeeling (1605),

happy birthday ! and looking forward to your good news on your new baby ^^

thanks for the Great Gathering

thanks for the wonderful moments and i am happy because of you  ^^

will soon upload pictures (all with zen's camera)

happy birthday to me and aunt meiling (may baby ^^ ) 

happy birthday to uncle look, guangxi, guanghui & angel chong (june baby ^^)


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

about my pressie..

you guys have been asking me what pressie i want this year.. 

actually i really have no idea now. i dont know what i am lack of (except money!) ..

i think i am good enough with my clothes now (because i dont want to buy too many which i cant bring to japan)


this is my list:
1. i want a camera 
2. i want a mac book / mac book pro
3. i  want... 

= to be continue= 

ps: let me think first..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Congrats to you, my dearie friend! CM'S ROM

yesterday i went to sg to attend my dearie friend's ROM. flied to sg in the morning and flied back after the ceremony.

it's located at a french restaurant called Casis Restaurant at buona vista. that area has more than 6 bunglow converted restaurants there. 

the weather was so hot!!  and the moment just so touching! never ever thought that she would registered before me and ah mu =)

had good chat with her parents, ah mu & the bf too! ^^  

she was beautiful yesterday ! (even though she didnt like the makeup, she didnt like the hair style & etc =p this is the first thing she told me when we met =p) 


Friday, May 8, 2009

reply to celia email.. (only for those who understand mandarin and can read chinese)

我是你的朋友嗎? (i am your family ^^)

现在几点               :12.54am (11.52pm)

名字                    :丝丽雅 (thin)

正在听的歌            :没在听歌 ( Tales of the Abssy japanese anime song.. dont know the name.. )

你在哪里读书/工作   :SUNWAY COLLEGE  (C.H.)

最后一样吃的食物    :零食 (porridge + youtiao)

现在天气如何         :普通 (still HOT as normal!)

有戴隐形眼镜         :有 (nope! perfect eye sight !!!)

上一次生日蛋糕上蜡烛的数目 :忘记了是一支还是九支 (1)

通常吹熄蜡烛的日期           :庆祝生日那天 (family birthday gathering)

你家养过什么                   :鱼,乌龟,狗,还有家里3只小猪[我弟] ( Shin & Skeaper & my dad's fish)

兄弟姐妹跟你的年龄差距      :3,6,11 (1,2 &5)

眼珠颜色                        :黑色 (black & brownish)

耳朵有几个洞                   :一边一个 (both sides each)

有刺青吗                        :没有 (i wish i had at least one..but too bad. None now!)

喜欢你目前的生活吗           : 还好 (okay loh..)

出生地                           :PETALING JAYA (J.B.)

目前居                           : CHERAS (K.L.)

喝过酒吗          :有 (of course YES!)

觉得自己花心吗  :真正爱一个人的时候不会 (Nope!)

曾经出过车祸吗  :应该算没有吧 (Ya, once)

暗恋过人吗       :谁没有过啊? (when i do not remember...)

喜欢吃什么       :面包 (many!)

喜欢的饮料       :薏米,杏仁茶,牛奶 (cafe latte, milk tea, cham ice)

最喜欢的颜色    :白色,有时候也要看情况 (black)

喜欢的数字      :2 (7)

喜欢看哪一种电影          :喜剧 (not boring one)

最喜欢的卡通人物或品牌  :维尼熊 (pom pom purin)

最怀念的日子               : 中学form 2~form 3 和好朋友在一起的日子 (everyday)

最伤心的日子               :失恋 (when dear grandpa passed away)

喜欢的花                    :没有很喜欢花 (white+purple color flowers)

最怕遇到的人   :没有想过 (dont know)

最喜欢的运动   :我是运动白痴 (okay lah..but enjoying kickboxing & yoga)

最怕什么东西   :壁虎 (same as you!!!)

擅长的事        :睡觉 (doNT know lei...)

最后一次去医院是什么时候     : 我弟弟发高烧的时候 (when auntie jo admitted to hospital)

以后想做什么工作              :不想去想,顺其自然 ( not sure)

你觉得自己十年后会在哪里    :无论在哪里,快乐就好,但很想去台湾 (overseas)

无聊的时候你大多做些什么    :看电视,读小说,上网 (online, play game, do house chore, sleep)

世上最恼人的事                 :旅行的时候来月经 (period)

全世界最好的事                 :有情人终归眷属 (all the good happenings)

对没有把握的事情态度如何        :担心 (just do)

如果有人误会你,你会             :看情况,如果是小事就算了 (depend on who first..ppl i dont care, forget abt it, who cares)

如果有人误会你,又不听你解释   :随便他,才不要浪费我的力气 (too bad. who believe me will believe me..)

有想过要怎么对付你讨厌的人吗   :跟朋友说他的不是 (now.. no..live your own life)

你猜谁不会回复这封邮件   :忙人,觉得我很无聊的人,虽然我的确很无聊 (this is blog post. so no reply)

你猜谁会先回复              :觉得这样很有趣的人 (no one)

现在心里想念的人           :橘色计程车 (waipo, papa & mum)

要几岁结婚                   :30之前 (One Day, Some Day..That day)

重要度先后排列              :友情和家庭平等,其它学业,爱情,金钱都是次等 (huh?? friends come and go..family always there..still studying .. still searching.. and money money money)

希望谁回复                   :随便 (no one)

最想了解谁                   :没有特定人选 (no one..no one can understand one by 100%, because ppl do change)

现在几点了                   :1.21am (12.09am)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

our Deputy Prime Minister -Tan Sri Muhyiddin Bin. Yassin

this morning woke up early to catch breakfast before work. on my way out, i grabbed The Sun from my security check point.

while reading a news which a pic showed a face of our prime minister and the menteri besar.. suddenly i asked " who is our Deputy Prime Minister now?" J couldnt answer me..

reached office, i asked my colleagues "
one month ago, Malaysia has changed the Prime Minister. we all notice who is our Prime Minister now. but WHO IS OUR DEPUTY PRIME MINSTER NOW?"

they gave me the face and "mm .. mm .. mm.. i dont know"

ya, that's right. none of us who is our Deputy Prime Minister now.. maybe he is just..

thanks to wikipedia.. at least i know who is he now.. (ohya.. i know this face just dont who he is)
Tan Sri Muhyiddin Bin. Yassin (b. 15 May 1947) is a Malaysian politician, the current Deputy Prime Minister and the Education Minister of Malaysia.He is supported by 2 deputy education minister who is Datuk DrWee Ka Siong and Dato Dr Puad Zarkashi. He is the Deputy President of United Malays National Organization (UMNO), which is the main component party of the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional, hence giving him the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

well, maybe he should name himself again and give him a simple name so that we can easily remember his name instead of his face..

ps: i admit that i do not care about the politics.. no offence! just personal note on this