Wednesday, July 29, 2009

shin chan..

today.. suddenly, i miss shin chan.. 

i still miss him.... and i wanna meet him in my dream and ask him " How are you, shin?"

.. .. ..

please meet me in my dream.. please.. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

facing computer screen

9-6pm  pc, facing computer screen, do work, do checking, use system, use software, pick up calls..

after 7pm, reach home still face computer because playing facebook.. till 12am..

all thanks to the IT dept " the one in the room" who blocked facebook, itunes, ebuddy so that we off from work still need to online and face computer & internet!

only have 5 hrs that my eyes will close and rest.. because i sleep too!

good night! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fat fat fat

getting fat.. cant help..

i also wanna look good in dress!! but i cant resist local food because i m leaving..

life is always .. not simple as a choice.. 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

stupid lawyer..

think back about the conversation which i had with this lawyer,Mr Veera ( from M/S VEERA, ROKHSAH & ASSOCIATES, address at Langsari Business Centre, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling)

i have to admit that i m not smart enough. i should reply him in a calm tone with the following fact:-

(1) your staff did not do the job properly not my pasal loh.

(2) now it is you want me to do you and your client a favour to ask my PA to sign the paper. you bloody hell talk to me like that.

(3) you didnt read the documents properly and call me for what

(4) do not use your lung to talk lung talk , you no brain ah lawyer.

(5) what do you care if i m a lawyer or what if you are a lawyer and you talk like a lala zai.

(6) you no need to tell me you are a lawyer because i do not care if you are a lawyer or a janitor of your lawyer firm. you rude and you are just like nobody

(7) i suka i will hold your case. you sue me lah!!

(8) your staff very busy and i also very busy have to answer calls from lawyers like you. WASTE MY TIME

(9) i do not want to talk to you , i suka ,can not ah! you sue me lah lawyer.

(10) you want to talk to me you can not call one ah. why have to ask ppl to call for you and put me on hold to wait for you to pick up the call. you thought i very free ah!


ps: dealing ppl like this simply waste my effort and time. BUT, i will not get upset over the whole thing. it just showed me how idiots a lawyer can be. and, i m learning to deal smartly with this kind of ppl in the future.

ps: sorry for the broken english and slang.. just for the fun of it!


i m satisfied with adrianne & her cuppie. she is friendly and confident. i like. thanks for her hard work even check the japanese word online (even though it's wrong.i think she didnt see the " )


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've booked my ticket..

I have booked my ticket..

one thing done! more to go.. still waiting... gotta do the counting down thingy =p

Friday, July 10, 2009

cupcake! something i do not how to do

there is something i always always always wanna do..and something i always always envy those ppl who know how to do and being very good at it... 

something can be so simple to those are very good at it.. it just like nothing more than a little girl playing in the playground with all the colorful toys around.. yes! it just exactly like it and nothing fancy!

i LOVE to see cutie cuppies!!! 

Yes i do NOT know how to do it. for a simple fact that my mum cant do it neither my dad nor my sister. and don't you forget that i am a rather tomboy. i have my kid photo to prove that i looked more like a boy than a girl when i was small and i m always big size!

cupcakes just hitting the town! you will see more ppl learn how to do cuppies and start to sell cuppies and many ppl start to buy cupcakes instead of cakes. very a simple fact that cuppies maker always design cutie cuppies to please people and cake just wins for the portion. not to mention that cuppies can actually cost more than a cake! 

months ago, i've done my research to local cupcake online stores and i found out that majority of cuppies makers (pastry ) just Malay (malay auntie). 

why is it famous among malay? and i group it for few reasons:-
1. cupcakes are HALAL. at least they wont use pig oil to cook it right?
2. cupcakes just suitable for malay groom to give it to malay girl for pressie on engagement (sorry, there is a word for this and pardon malay-cacat-me. please tell me what is this if you know)
3. malay aunties too free and not working. 
4. malay rather famous for their kuih muih and making these just in their gen.
5. by making cuppies at home just increase the household income
6. make some for the family and make some for the can just enjoy it and they can forget about the spicy dinner of rendang and chili
7. majority of their design just flowers (for the wedding type)

However, chinese are getting in to fight with them with better taste and creativity. yes! chinese cuppies makers mostly younger group of age between 20-35 (so far those i have contacted with). they like to share their new creations and wanna ppl to share their happiness when having a cuppie..

you ask me if i really like to eat cuppie?? emm.. depend. so far, cuppies still sweet for me and i do not have sweet tooth. but It is OBVIOUSLY happy to see new creations popping out.. and dreaming about the funny face when ppl receive it as surprises! 

i helped a friend who ordered as her wedding cake before. all the friends and the couples love it so much! at least it not the simple "ga rui beng (cantonese" / " jia nui bing (for chinese)" or a box of assorted slice cakes like last time. (when i was small, i like to know abt ppl marriage, because they sent box of assorted cakes and i was happy to choose the cakes =p)

a simple happiness ^^

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

chinmean & weikang wedding @04072009

i had a meaningful weekends. did you?

one of my girl friends, chinmean (ah no/bo li mean) just got married with her lovely husband, weikang, on 04/07/2009. the ceremony n wedding dinner held at hometown, Kluang on saturday. because of that, i rushed back from kl after work n reached there ard 130am. thanks ahboon for providing me for the one night accommodation + rubbish chit chat.

the whole ceremony was fun! the brothers are cooperative, naughty n fun! 

chinmean just pretty n cutie & baby face =p 


next year i come back from japan i will visit you and your cutie baby ^^

ps: you can check out the pic at my facebook and also i m still waiting for the pic from her too