Monday, August 17, 2009

do not read

if you read my blog, if you know my parents if you know that they give in again please tell them that i wont attend the wedding i am so fed up and i am so pissed off i will close my eyes please let me sleep and please tell me that i should not be angry to know what going to happen.. to know that the days of non-stop arguments are coming and i will be sad even though i am at japan and i dont want to see this and i really hate people just bullying my family and please tell my parents stop being so nice and please believe that this world is dark and full of greedy people like the family and they will not be satisfied with that they are asking now and they will ask for more and more and more and if they have so many things to complain why do not that they just call of the wedding and do not ever talk about it since we have done what we supposed to do and i really do not see what is good about this marriage and what do i still want to do so many for her for them and she does not even appreciate a single one so what if you are okay looking with your big size lower body and if you believe that you will marry to a millionaire or even billionaire and why would you even bother to take so much effort to masuk my family and keep complaining to your mum that my brother this and my brother and have you even ask your daughter to see the mirror herself auntie if you do not ever do so please do it now and i curse you that your son will suffer the same thing as my brother and what you are doing to my family now and your son will deserve the same thing which i am pretty sure that you will not have enough money to pay for everything and i m cursing you now yes i am whatever you say and whatever it is and maybe i should not curse but i really want to and i truly wish it works and please work please let those greedy people suffer from their greediness and please let them die in hell with their greediness forever and ever and ever please do not ever come to hurt normal people with your greediness and show to the world that how ugly you guys can be and how demanding can a normal people like you can be so demanding and please stop the wedding if you really this your daughter will marry to a billionaire and millionaire and one day you would be those hongkie movie that you will teach your daughter how to be meant and how to be bad and trying super hard to steal ppl money and i dont care whatever intention you are please do not ever lay your fingers on my family and please be reminded that i do not mind to be a ugly people in front of all your ugly people and teach you that i can be still pretty in front of ugly people like you i have no doubts that i can do it and i believe that i am million times pretty and beautiful than your family i really pity your small kid to grow up in a family like you please ask god to jaga you and you must pray to the god, pray to the budha and pray to the indi buddha and pray to whatever it is that your family will suffer in hell i am sure it will be like that i have lost all my interest and i really do not wish to attend the wedding anymore and to see the ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people ugly people if you die and i m glad that this world is lesser by one more ugly people this is not a stupid idea

happy birthday to zi..

happy birthday to you.. and welcome to 20+++++++


maybe i should save your pressie for your next year pressie too ^^

love you, i know you know that! =hugz=
ps: this the only pic in my mac =p

she is greedy and the whole family is greedy!!!


why they cant see how greedy she is.. why they still want to give in all the time..

and , her family just too greedy and i will definitely do something..

and my mum.. please show to my mum that how ugly people is.. and not everyone like us..

oh ... dmmmmmm

i warn you , you better dont piss me off or i will show you the color, red, blue, black, grey, yellow, purple..whatever it is!!!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love is Price or worth of RM500 ??

i was shopping alone at mid valley to look for couple wed bear2 ..

forever friends and me-to- you bear2 is so expensive! a simple small one for display will cost abt 250 for a pair and do not even mention the big pair..

i was at this hallmark shop at gardens. i saw a big group of guy (and i m sure they are students!!) standing outside the shop.

accidently i overheard the conversation " love is priceless and i wont pay RM500+ to buy a bear and i dont even have money to buy something else. with the RM500, i can buy a whole room of bear2 but not only 1!) (haha..of course, this conversation is in mandarin and the way they dressed in short , slipper & back bag, i m sure they are college or university student =p no offence)

and i saw a guy was buying a big size of Forever Friend and only him in the shop while all the friends were waiting outside and joking lame jokes. i didnt know how much he paid but i know that he couldnt even afford for another ribbon because he negotiated with the shop assistant for free ribbons..of course he wont get a free ribbon.

haha.. What's for?? Love iS PricelESS?? with RM500+ Forever Friend ? oh ya RIGHT!

Cute!! for a price of RM500 + ? you better give me CASH please

selling abt 300+ for a pair = expensive!!!

expensive pair. for wed car deco?? waste money

happy birthday to Mr Ong & Soo

happy birthday to Mr Ong & Soo.. (for the super full lunch + yummy cake) ^^

Monday, August 3, 2009

i m just too keypo..

have been busy..

i know everyone is busy as well.. but why am i busying with other ppl's stuff ??

suddenly feel that .. i am too keypo and busybodying does not earn me anything , not even a "thank you"

taking for granted is bad!

ps: counting down.. counting down.. counting down.. どうしてうれしくないの??

Saturday, August 1, 2009



can i learn how to shoot wedding in 1 mth?? can i learn how to bake in 1 mth? can anyone lend me his/her DSLR for experiments? can i learn things that i want to learn in 1mth?? can Toto let me wins the coming millions dollars?? can i have someone who love me and love my family?? can i have someone who can shoot wedding photo and willing to accept very low payment? can i have someone who can help me do the makeup on Actual Day?? can i have someone to help me?? can i have someone who can understand my love to my family?? can i have someone who .. ..

i know i am asking too much..

but i m in tears when i asking myself for all these?? i m trying hard not to cry.. why am i still in tears. please blame the southern comfort, the heineken and the Dom..

life is hard.. please let me finish my heineken and let me sleep well. please!!