Tuesday, April 15, 2008

for some clarifications

For Some Clarifications i like this ibook. i m just pissed because it doesnt work well; i m just pissed because i can ask help for nobody; i m just pissed because i have to somewhat beg for help; i just pissed that i am useless and i can do nothing to help myself ; i m just pissed because i cant do what i want and i have to ask someone to do for me which i suppose to do it by myself; idiot ppl like me.. only one thing to do - ask for something new! i want a new macbook that i suppose i can do my stuff faster and better; it wont run super slow again; i can have built-in isight (even though i dont think i will use it that often); i suppose i wont have the same old problems and i dont need to ask help for anyone; that' simple i m sorry i do not take good care of it as it supposed; i m sorry i have clueless what wrong with this ibook now; i m sorry i do not know how to solve problems on mac; i m sorry i have to ask for help and this make me feel like shit everytime because i dont feel good to be blamed for the reasons that i dont know ha it doesnt mean i dont like this ibook or i hate this ibook. no i dont mean this way.. i just want my problems go away.. .. .. i am not very good at this; not at all. i think i am very good at shouting..rubbish.. p/s: my apologies to like this ibook as give not gift.. i m sorry if i say something wrong again; i m not very good at talking;

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