Thursday, April 3, 2008

something that i can not swallow

i am not an angel;
i am not a kind person too.
i can not forgive to forget or forget to forgive.
i may be childish
i may be idiot
i admit that i am stubborn. (you guys know me)
i do not mind to fight if needed
i do not mind to trouble myself to make him suffer..
yes, i do not mind; yes i want him to suffer(at least a little bit)

maybe i overreacted for what happen. so what?just want to teach him a lesson that..

"i am not born to be humiliated. not by you, not by any one! "

i want my pride back! maybe pride is useless but it is priceless.

there are things that i can not swallow silently, no matter how hard i try.

p/s: thanks dad & mum for standing up for me!

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