Friday, July 11, 2008

carrot cake -幸せの味

last wednesday, i off on time. with the time i had, i went to the No 1 pasar malam at KL-Taman Connaught Pasar Malam, Wednesday. it was still early so it's not so crowded. basically, i had nothing in mind to buy.
there is this carrot cake stall by an old couple at another end of the road. i ordered 1 carrot cake and waited standing right in front of the wok, i was choked by the smoke. i went to the back and i saw the old man was siting behind cutting the carrot cake. i was touched. 
there is no talking between them, at all. she cooks the carrot cake (trying hard to remember the orders);he is cutting the carrot cake ready for her to cook. (i think he will help her collect money after he finishes cutting all the carrot cake)
apparently, the aunite forgot about my order. i've to remind her for my order. she didnt say anything about it and keep cooking. but she passed me the carrot cake in a box with banana leaf! she actually use plastics bag for all other orders but i got banana leaf.. 


happiness can be simple sometimes, even though life is hard..

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