Sunday, July 20, 2008

Choco Fondue -Baskin Robbins@THe Garden

had half day shopping with these kids =p. had Yo Sushi! (quite expensive!) and this choco fondue at baskin robbins.

a regular costs RM41.90 (include taxes)
ice cream favour: not sure. too many. cream type & yogurt type
choco favour: Hazelnut / Dark Choco
Fruit: banana, kiwi, strawberry, grape (with seeds =p)
cake: butter cake & brownie

thanks celia for this desserts! ya, she paid for that.. i think she felt bad because i paid for expensive sushi dinner. baby only ate the ice cream without dipping the choco..haha..

he likes to go out with us because i always bring them to new restaurants and try new stuff! he also knows that going out with us means shopping for women stuff..haha.. learn from small to be woman shopping companion and be gentleman.

we had fun!

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