Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Half day trip to Genting-31/01/09

Event : Half day Genting Trip
Date : 31/01/2009
Attended By : Thin, Yen, Zen, Yee, Angel Chong (ai si ji mo ren!), Celia, Shan
Time : 1.30pm -10.30 pm (because i had to work half day on saturday ;_; )
Purpose : 1. To Meet Dad, Mum
2. To yum coffee at Genting
Weather : Raining

1. Thin's first time drove to Genting (although only reached cable car station =p) during raining day
2. Thin's first time makan 31% off Baskin Robbin ice cream at Genting (Thanks meimei!)
3. Thin's first time took cable car with them
4. Thin's first time secretly brought them out to Genting

ps: thanks for all the hahaha =) and really looking forward

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Victor Kiu said...

I miss genting so much. if i stay in West Malaysia, i'm sure that i will drive there often.