Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Limited Edition -B Brand HandBag

Name: Limited Edition Hand Bag of B Brand
Manufactured Date : 25 Jan 2009 (2 days before CNY)
Place of Origin : Layang Home
Creative Designer : Celia Chong and Thin (=p)
No of Unit: 10
Material : Chicken Floss and Popiah Skin
Status : Not for Sale! (already change to Sxx, how then =p)

really had fun when we made this! laughed and laughed. paise SzhuLin who hardworking to make normal chicken floss =p
we didn't even have a bite of it. All already makan by meimei angel and them (we actually do not know who were the culprits who makan all our limited edition.) =(
ended up, we didn't show it to uncle as planned. didn't eat as planned.


ps: i will remember the crazy ideas and moments with you!

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