Monday, April 27, 2009

the famous dimsum restaurant - 連香樓,中環 11/04/2009

ps: even though it's famous and super crowded with local people and tourists. but it's a disappointment. the dim sum just not nice and the 2 above just the only 2 which is "okay" one. the rest we had just not as good as it supposed to be. 
the restaurant just packed that you have to wait next to the table and wait. i dont like that. i dont like people standing besides me , looking at me while im eating and waiting for me to leave.
trust me, you will not have to chance to wait for the trolley to come. you will have to go to the trolley and people just like "hungry ghost".if you are slow, you will get nothing.

i sincerely think that kl dimsum still much more better than hk. 

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