Thursday, April 16, 2009

last 3 days at taipei 16/04/09

yes.. i am at taipei right now.. and it's raining outside.

raining days for the coming few days forcast.. but i think we are lucky enough for the whole journey..

quick report:
1. first flying experience with Eva Airway just great!
2. the room is clean, comfortable enough, not a love hotel, has tv to watch, has pc to online, has washing machine & dryer to use
3. met with nice taxi drivers.
4. i saw the sun rise at Alisan (few days ago were raining day. no sun rise at all!)
5. no heavy rain
6. etc etc etc..

btw, i dont know what to buy for pressie.. maybe no pressie for you!

ps: waiting for the laundry to get dry..

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