Tuesday, September 29, 2009

thanks for making my life alot easier during the office time

thanks for making my life alot easier & comfort during the office time. of course, with connie, ms lam & rachel too ^^
(i think blogspot got problem when uploading the pic)

Monday, September 28, 2009

1st day at tokyo..

arrival time: 648 am Malaysia time

wash your ass ..haha..

what a scene!

leaving narita by train

matsuya - beef rice (cheap and nice!! but you wont see girl there usually.)

Mitaka , Tokyo

waiting for dinner

super yummy burger! 360yen + 340 yen + 340yen for set

Saturday, September 26, 2009

counting down..

counting down for the 7.30pm flight..

and, it is raining heavily outside now.. 

Monday, September 21, 2009

i love being at layang..

back to my layang home sweet home..

where i am familiar with almost everything, the air, the street light, the shops, the street, the railway station, the satay shop, the community hall, the new pasar (which i am not so familiar with), the old taste of chee chiong fun, the simple breakfast, the people, the dust, the tree & blah blah ..

had renovation last month so basically it's super dirty and super messy at home which i had to wear slipper which i never do before..

wish that i have time to do the cleaning & such but i have so many things to do for the super short one day back to layang..

i wanna bring waipo out for breakfast.. i wanna meet ahboon.. i wanna clear my stuff in my wardrobe because i do not have a room myself anymore.. all my stuff will be in my small wardrobe..

at least i know the things will not be changed dramatically when i come back next year

i love being at home.. no matter how dirty & messy it is ..hehe..

Friday, September 18, 2009

2nd wisdom teeth ops

yesterday went to see dentist dr. helen and decided to do wisdom tooth operation today.

ended up, i have to take out 2 tooth (plural) = 2 teeth

i have forgotten the taste of blood in my mouth.. after 10 hrs and the bleeding is still going on ..

supposed to go genting with family..supposed to go to makan good feast before i leave..supposed to have crab feast before i go..supposed to take a good rest from my work..

all gone! =crying=

ps 1: feel very bad that i cant go with dad & mum this time.. dad called this morning and i know he is disappointed and i could not meet them at uncle place before they left to genting..stupid pain from the ops!

ps 2: counting down to 27092009 and i have not packed my stuff

Monday, September 7, 2009

since office blocks facebook

it has been more than a month since "the one inside the room" of office IT dept blocks all the entertainment websites which include facebook, ebuddy, youtube, friendster..and the terrible one tat they also block all the blogspot uploaded pictures..

this is how every of the blogspot pic appear in my screen.. (tell you i cant see the pic now even blogspot told me that "the photo has been uploaded successfully". WHERE is the pic ???)

thanks to facebook that i can receive updates from all the comments from my friend list abt my page..

but i cant see what is going and which thread they are referring to!!
( what talking you?? haiyo)

haiyo.. troublesome!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

simple pancake

pancake poweder + egg + fresh milk + heart shape = heart shape pancake

special recipe: raisin

simply taste great with butter..yum yum

Saturday, September 5, 2009

爱情。。with price tag


LOVE has a price tag..and it is not "PRICELESS"
(of course M CARD cant buy it as well)

what is your price??

Friday, September 4, 2009

about my hair..

read de Cor's post abt hair and i wanna to tell my hair story too..

i had short hair when i was small. tat's why i looked like a boy
i had short hair till i went primary school.. i was happy because i finally had long hair. i didnt cut short at all for the 6 years! and my hair was all the time longer than shoulder length.

graduated from primary school, i went to Independent School which all girls and guys with short hair not longer than collar.

i cried when i knew that i had no choice but cut short my hair. i waited till the very last day. i took pic with my hair to remember my long hair days..

i cried when the hair cut auntie cut my hair and i remember the auntie laughed and asked me to keep my hair. and, i did! i kept for years before i threw it.

6 years, short hair. it was tat time i so envy ppl with pony tail!

finally, 6 years secondary school graduated and i m happy with my long hair!

in between i did cut short but not very short because i still enjoying tie up my pony tail.

i was long hair when i broke up with my ex.. and i decided to go for a make over!

for the very first time, i spent RM600 to curl my hair and dyed my hair to light brown. for the very first time i sat there for 6 hours just to get the hair done.. i told myself i would not do this again.. but i failed

in between, i dyed and curled, i cut short, i dyed and curled.

i just curled my hair for the april trip to taiwan and i cut my fringe flat look like mushroom!

of course my fringe does not look like this anymore =p

soon, i will cut my hair very short. yes i want it to be very short. shorter than secondary time!!

i will cut my hair before i leave ^^

Thursday, September 3, 2009

postpone my last day..

postpone my last day at my current job for another week.. because i really not willing to come back for another 2 weeks of thurs, fri & sat to see all the papers on the table..

too many things to do and i have not even started to finish clear one stray, not even one stray.. still busy and busy..

one more week..and i have to let go and i have to allow the mess on the table with all acknowledged but yet to reply letters to solicitors and non stop calls from solicitors..

sorry for all the mess guys..but i know you guys will understand because i already extend my last day!

still counting down..

counting down.

counting down..

finally got the stuff from school..

going to pay the money->get my visa->final packing of all my junks->busy with yee's wedding->and..flying..
(not me, i dont have wings, i cant fly but airplane can)