Thursday, December 27, 2007

for company dinner, i skip class again.

for some reasons i have to attend company dinner again.

i thought i would be able to skip this time around as i suppose to attend my japanese class. for some reasons, i have to skip today class again. this made me feel very bad. i am not a very hardworking student, this i admit.

i skip classes, since primary school.
kindergarten time i had no reasons to skip as my mother to be teacher in my kindergarten. that time i was too innocent for everything. pretty simple life. went to school with mom; went back home with mom; study together with sister and brother;time to bed.
primary school time i skipped way to remember how many times. not too often because my kampung is small.
secondary school i skipped classes. together with my friends, we skipped classes to shopping mall, to yumcha, to friends' houses. or we just skipped the class just for the sake of not getting perfect attendance rate. i was naughty.
i gotta skipped some classes during my uni time. most of time i skipped classes just to rush bus to singapore. to singapore to spend time with him. =long stories=
now, for some reasons, i still skip my japanese class.

my god, this time i feel so bad for this.

i dont like this company dinner. so what if i can go to noble house and eat a course of dishes that costs RM1K ++ for some that i cant even name what i eat??


i have no choice. i have to go. just to make the current situation be better.

btw, we dont need to dress up for company dinner. for construction company to " shou gong", no need!

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