Friday, December 21, 2007

thanks for christmas presents & christmas wish

thanks girls for your presents!

not too many presents i give this year.. still a bomb to me too =p

i m happy when i know you like it too.

no time to think for what i want this year. or what i want will be out of questions too. rather dont think of anything. no disappointment from expectation.

i appreciate for the thoughts of thinking of me..

but now, i do have a Christmas wish.

"please do not let my popo suffers pain that much.. please let her recover as soon as possible..give her back her health, her smile.."

i miss her!

ps: i may be away for days. back to johor. i know nothing much i can do but i still want to go back and talk to her.. please sms me for anything..
please pardon me if you do not receive my christmas wishes on time. you know i miss you. always in mind.

"all you wishes for this greeting season"

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