Thursday, December 20, 2007

First post

i had a blogspot before. i can not even log in. most probably it has been deleted by blogspot for inactivation for too long.

i have few blogs, mainly active with friendster blog and multiply blog. i even have account. for no reasons, i have a hard time with wordperss. i also do not know why. my posts always appear with different set-up, pictures cant be loaded and all kinds. i somewhat give up something i got to admit, i like wordpress default theme.

i know i can do all with blogspot to change my theme to make it so my own theme. i m sorry for a computer coding idiot like me, i have no way to do much for the theme. it does not really matter. being a black background, i like it simple the way it is. maybe i'll do some changes next time.

i always enjoy reading blogs with songs attached with. with i can not do anything on that; to be the same thing for me. that is the reason why i want to move.

so far, i enjoy myself.


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