Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My christmas eve and greeting messages

sorry for being missing in action for days. i am not hiding myself.just being away from crowd. just 4 silent days actually, include christmas eve and christmas day. i am not a christian. so i have no reasons to celebrate.

24 . 12. 2007
christmas eve. i worked. i did not manage to take a leave as i thought i would. went to work on time and went back home on time. did not plan for any plans. mostly being at home rottening. just for the sake for a little merry for christmas, i went to buy cake, christmas cake(those with christmas tree/santa claus & etc deco type). at the time i wanted to leave, it rained very very very heavily. i did not want to waste any time even though i had no plan, i ran in rain. of course, i got wet for it even though it's fun but dangerous =p

being celebrating just to have a little merry with venti starbucks cafe latte and yummy delicious sesame cake. healthy cake, pretty healthy!

rottening at home with dvd.

thanks for all your season greetings. this year, i did not send any greeting msg to anyone(maybe just one =p) pardon me for that. and pardon me for all the missed calls.

2007/12/13, 7:43pm, Eason Yong (First in 2007, yeah =clap hands= )
2007/12/17, 3:07pm, KC
2007/12/22, 6:17pm, Seat Fluon
2007/12/24, 10:50am, Eason Yong
2007/12/24, 2:19pm, Mun Keong
2007/12/24, 3:13pm, Michelle aka Strawberry
2007/12/24, 5:40pm, Angel Kajie
2007/12/24, 8:21pm, butterfly
2007/12/24, 8:36pm, YS
2007/12/24, 8:37pm, Jane Lim
2007/12/24, 10:29pm, Chris
2007/12/24, 10:34pm, Amy Goh
2007/12/24, 10:48pm, Yuko
2007/12/24, 11:25pm, Adrian Foo
2007/12/25, 12:36am, Chong
2007/12/25, 12:44am, Yeeling
2007/12/25, 11:58am, David
2007/12/25, 7:15pm, Weihang

Thanks for your greetings and blessings.

PS: btw, i m MC at home again. no worries. tomorrow i will be a fighter again =p

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