Monday, June 23, 2008

a date with myself

i think i am not a friendly person; i think i can be rather individual

i had a great evening with myself..

i watched the "Kung Fu Panda" which is not so hilirious as the rumours are =p i wanted to watch "get smart" but the timing is not right. it doesnt matter. there is always the next time at least i wont buy the "Kung Fu Panda" DVD.

tip to watch tv alone:

if have any movie to catch: 1. buy ticket 2. choose your time 3. buy popcorn movie

for me, for most of the time, i dont have any idea what kind of movies will be shown. i enjoy the time i queueing for the ticket and decide for the BEST timing for me then i will choose the movie that suit my time.

i choose the movie , not the movie chooses me

i just like this kind of feeling.

i had and finished a medium popcorn with a mixed of salty and cameral popcorn! cameral is sweet & sallty just salty.

im satisfied the moment with myself

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