Monday, June 30, 2008

if i should..

wondering if i should change to my blogspot post. 

have been quite a long time that i blog on 3 blogs. 
1. friendster blog
too many contacts in my friendster. if i update there, ppl will just get the email from friendster and read if they want to. ignore at the same time too
2. multiply 
here i know few lovely friends who are truly adorable and fun! too cute of them that i still stay here..
consider a formal blog that can earn money from flows of readers..
haha.. btw, i dont have many. so i dont earn money at all. the fun thing there is i can play songs there..

do visit my blogspot website to support me a little bit.. 

*** wondering when i can earn my RM50.00 =p  (day dreaming!)

p/s: basically 3 blogs are the same post.. 

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