Sunday, June 29, 2008

my sunday at home

today is Sunday and i m rotting myself at home with lots of stuff that i did.. my typical Sunday at home.. did what? did house chore and cook theoretically, i only have a full day rest on Sunday. ya..ya.. (whatever!) i work 5 & 1/2 days.i still need to work till 1 pm Every Saturday (except for PH). i slept till 12pm today.. (once in a while, i do ). i went out to buy ingredients that i want to cook for my lunch. i bought long beans, chicken fillet and minced pork and i cooked lemon chicken, long beans with minced pork, Japanese korokke and kinoko soup. 3 dishes 1 soup. rather big potions and ate till want to puke ..haha.. (no pictures!!) finished everything! satisfied! i took a luxury noon nap right after the meal.. (normal day no way to take noon nap. satisfied satisfied) grandmum called that woke me up. she just back from Taiwan and she said she really enjoyed the trip. i feel that from her voice. that's good. i will drop by uncle place tomorrow because she said she bought something for me.. eemm.. make me wonder what is it(she told me she only went to Taiwan Szhi Tsu and organic farms.. .. hopefully it's not something like organic honey =p) due to the heavy lunch, dinner is simple. just spaghetti with caborana sauce. it's simple. i use bacon, white button mushroom and instant spaghetti sauce. i did house chore! sweeping floor, washing all the dishes, washing my deep fryer, cleaning my kitchen, mopping the floor, clearing and cleaning shinchan toilet.. after 3 hours, i m here blogging.. i am done. i m going to put on mask and recharge myself. good night!

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