Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a short chat with kelvin

i had a short chat with kelvin today when i went to his work place to get few documents done.

Kelvin is an easy going colleague. so far, he yet to back stab me or even spread any rumours about people. he always got the salesman kind of smile/laugh. for me, he is still fine. rather than those.  he understands my situation. no advice because he also knows it's hard for me too. (thank you!)

for the first time, i mentioned to him what i m facing in the office. 

for the whole month in the new working environment, i m not doing too good. work is picking up. i may not doing it too fast but i m trying to get to all the paperwork and how to deal with those financiers, bankers, lawyers and unprofessional management company. so far still positive feedbacks.  

relationship among colleagues =sucks
i do not purposely go to group with people. and, with my special relationship in the company(my uncle is the boss). those people just do not care or ignore. people who i need to have slightly contact with, i accidentally stepped on her without knowing it.  they like to skypee/msn so they do not need to talk through the phone and noone will know what they are talking about. 
that's how i kena stabbed silently and how they still smile to me.. 
forget about it. 
corporate:more people = more gossip
i just wish i can stay away gossips far far away  

i still think that's just a misunderstanding. that's why i ignore. i do not see any points to clear myself and i do not even want to make things worse. 

usually, alone for lunch =p 

i m okay with my job. do my best to settle papers =p

p/s: corporate & gossips just do not suit me =p i just wish i can stay away gossips far far away  

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