Sunday, December 7, 2008

jlpt 4

i've never been placed in the first during an exam. and i had mine today.

i took JLPT 4 today afternoon at UPM KL. most of my classmates and i were in the same test room, i thought i would be behind Eilaine.. manatau.. i m the first in the row..

not so get used to face the tutorial roon blackboard during the exam. i only saw exam time and nothing else. wao.. the feeling not so good.. i really not get used to be the first row in class. usually i would choose at the back because you got more freedom to do what you want to do sometimes. of course, in return, you dont get to pay 100% attention to what happen at the back. =p

it is such a long hours exam. from 2pm-6.30pm. we are instructed to be ready in class by 2pm and 1 hour of briefing and waiting time. it's only 25m to end the first paper.

break hour for another 45m. paper 2 for 25m. this paper is the fastest to finish but the hardest to do. you have no time to even think what the previous question and topic. the exam ended when the tape is ended. very scaring actually. you have to pay full attention to what is the question ,the conversation and choose the answer. sorry ah. no time to think if you even miss any single word. you are requested to answer IMMEDIATELY, literally immediately!

i was quite hungry when i done with my paper 2.

another 30m of wait and another 40m to finish paper 3.

that's all! from 2PM-630PM..

whatever it is.. the simplest JLPT 4 exam is over. and more to come!! will sleep and play hard for tomorrow public holiday!


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