Monday, December 8, 2008

my bad experiences at PIZZA HUT

i NEVER have good dining experience with Pizza Hut at Malaysia, both dine-in and delivery. those experiences are so bad that i regret everytime, NEVER FAIL. they are pretty good at disappointing customers, never fail for doing so.

even before i know what is pizza, i could sing the pizza hut delivery advertisement theme song. it's so easy to remember and it's so popular. from old to young, from tv to radio and newspaper, "2353535 pizza hut delivery.." (ps: this is for sg. and the no has changed) Do you still remember this?? i do. and i thought wanna eat pizza, must sure be PIZZA HUT.

No matter what, pizza hut at shopping complex is always full. even there would be queue outside.

the service is so bad tat usually you have to wait for a very long time and you will never have you want fine, it's busy. everybody is busy!

however, the service has not improved even for those quiet outlets.

yesterday was not a good time for me just to look for my lunch. i spent almost 1 hour to look for a place to eat. frm old klang road -> OUG -> brickfields -> kuchai lama PIZZA HUT.

this Kuchai Lama Pizza Hut is always quiet, always just few tables are occupied. (i know because sometimes i drive through next door KFC to take away).

it took the waitress 5m to get me the menu and waited ,waited. calls for several times and nobody came to take my order. my hand has raised up several times and they knew it. but they pushed around so that ANY ONE could take my order. still, i waited , waited till i walked to the counter and told the girl that i want to order. she asked me to go back to my table AGAIN and refused to take my order immediately. (FINE!)

once the waiter took my orders, i went straight to KFC and got myself some popcorn chicken & cheezy wedges.

don't mention about the waiting time for the food to come. we were lucky because we got our soup , our drink and our starter, garlic bread, together. (actually garlic bread came first, yes it was)

once i finished my pizza, i went straight to counter to pay because i really didn't want to waste my time again. the girl took my credit card and ran to another counter at the back without informing anything to me. i was shocked and i told another girl that SHE TOOK MY CREDIT CARD.. she was blur for a second (i think she didn't understand for what i just said "she took my credit card" i repeated myself in malay again) and she just told me that the machine at this counter was not functioning.

WATLAU eh! say earlier if you prefer customer to pay cash instead. don't run away with customer's credit card without saying anything!!

and again, I THINK I WILL BAN PIZZA HUT FOR A WHILE!! the more i visit pizza hut, the more disappointments i have.

it was 3.30pm when i done my lunch, 2 & 1/2 hours!!

Lesson of the day:
2. PLAN BEFORE YOU DECIDE WHERE TO GO FOR FOOD DURING RAINING PUBLIC HOLIDAYS (if not you may stuck in the jam and the restaurants are not opened)



hIEw~~ said...

totally agree with u....there are lots of affordable pizzas restaurant available around klang valley...unless you are hunger to death and there are nothing to eat besides pizza hut...then i dont blame u going there....hehe

anyways...just my small lil opinion...=)

rainechong said...

i prefer Domino's and even california pizza..

lots better than pizza hut! LOTS =)