Wednesday, December 17, 2008


what a busy day i had in the office to deal with idiots and those "stupid stupid acts pandai pandai" and i really got myself into a law sue case. oh ya, yes i did, nearly.

sometimes i really don't like chinapek way of doing stuff.. by working in a chinapek company i got myself burned sometimes..cant help, cant vent, cant do anything much about, not till i leave the know why i cant leave if you know me well. =sigh=

we are going to handover the management of one of the property project now. and this group of ppl include a very-free-till-nothing-to-do unit trust freelance pasar auntie, a so called very-bad-temper IT specialist of one of the foreign bank, a I-VERY-FAMILIAR-WITH STATA TITLE ACT-NOT-PRO-AT-ALL land surveyor.

i thought the handover would be smooth and we would not in chaos like previous project. Well, i think too high for those ppl.

the not-pro-at-all land surveyor starts to act like very pro, teach the pasar auntie and the bad temper IT specialist to do this and that somewhat according to this Acts, that Acts.. (my foot!!!!!!)

so they request this request that, want to act like bosses,already act like bosses actually.

we are trying our best to help them while protecting our information and answer to their stupid questions. but they have an idea that we are trying to bully them (somewhat!)

after management discussion, in order to protect our system & information, we decided to take back our system yesterday. i was the one who went there and took it back.

so this morning, when they report to the office (yes they do. because they want to check on staff), they found out that the system no longer there. they made a big fuss about it. and started to act like barbarian.

they threatened to say that they wanted to report police saying that i took/stole (whatever word it can be) their information, said that they wanted to sue me, blah blah blah..

personally, i dont care. i really dont. if they make a police report, i will have my company solicitor to work out for me and i will sue back them for sure. so when kelvin called, i told him it's okay if they really wanted to report police, because i am not afraid at all. what they wanted to report?? saying i took my company property which do not belong to these 3 idiots?? Fxxx off

kelvin is the one who felt bad that dragged me into this personal attack.

ended up, kel agreed to take back the system just for show because they cant copy or use the system at all. this software licence is under my company, not the 3 idiots group of ppl.

i really have no idea that how come the IT SPECIALIST does not know what you need to PAY for software licence. still called himself IT Specialist (yes he did say that he is an IT SPECIALIST!that;s how he intro himself)

what really pissed me off was that they came to my office to handover a document to me. they even verbally threaten me that if i dont give them back the system, he will make a report and i will stay in jail for 1 or 2 nights.

damn it! he said that to me in my office. i really got very pissed. came to my office and insulted me. bloody hell!!

seriously if this happen one more time, i make sure i report police first!

bloody hell!!! I AM PISSED!

they know they cant talk to me.. because the surveyor has yet to win me for any discussion so far!
he likes to say " you are technically right" Actually, i m "professionally and legally right" =p

well, karma will bite them. just wait and see. i will make sure they will have their monkey show soon!

and, they are NOT PRO AT ALL!

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