Thursday, December 11, 2008

sighs... christmas again

soon, it's christmas again. suddenly, i feel so down =(

december again; year end again;christmas soon;year is ending so. yet, a NEW year to come.

suddenly nothing much to expect about..nothing more to think about..m thinking "20++ years, what's more?"

i know i have so many things yet to do.. but thinking about future, my heart sinks.. future seems hopeless to me..

i am not afraid of changes, i am looking for changes.. i have something i want to do for the coming year. most probably something that change my life totally.

but, i am worried now.

worrying about what will happen to people next to me of my selfishness..



妮妮 ♫ said...

Time passing so fast since we are no longer as a little gal.

people always feeling lost in the middle of twenty, wondering izit the future to move forward......

me too......
but i believe no matter change or no change, u urself will lead u at the critical moments!

just do watever u wan!
and dun forget to pay more passion to u and people surrounding u!

the japan observer said...

life is short, be happy ^.^

Jos~h Chuah said...


Victor Kiu said...

Be Happy!! ^_^