Thursday, August 14, 2008

ajisen ramen @ one utama

to Ajisen Ramen@One utama..

1. chasiu ramen (it's written on the menu, already localized =p)
2. spicy peking duck ramen (of course not peking duck, just normal roast duck. and up to malaysian standard of spicy.. just that it TOO SPICY for me! i dont take spicy food anyway =p)

still nice ramen because the ramen still fresh.. =) (thumb up!)

as i know, there are 2 outlets at klang valley. 1 is located at One Utama; 1 at Sunway New Wing.

at malaysia, you do not have much choices for good taste ramen.. get the fact right that even japanese restaurants do not serve yummy ramen. at least Ajisen still not too bad!

p/s: i really seafood ramen at sg ajisen ramen , a set come together with side dish.. sorry ah. you can get that at malaysia.. they do not do "set"

p/s 1: do not believe the local website. it is not so true.. even the homepage also cheat you.. (there is no seafood ramen in the menu!)

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