Wednesday, August 13, 2008

car pak bay was parked by " bo ta che" people

staying at condominium or apartment which means you are abided with rules& regulations that you pay to control yourself. (somewhat)

for condo/apartment residence, it is common that you have your own parking bay for 1 car to park permanently (this depend. some condo actually allow one bay for more cars as long as the cars belong to this unit and provided that no complains) Usually, for extra cars, you just need to rent a car pak bay from the management. some condo are built with limited car pary bays. that's the reason why many cars just park outside condo compound because no car park bay to park)

something very frasturated that some people just anyhow park at other's car park bay even though they know that that car park bay does not allow his car to park.

this just tell me how selfish people are sometimes. it doesnt matter how high level of your education, it got nothing to do if you are rich or your are poor , it definitely has no relationship for race, nationarity and which car you drive.

my car pak bay was parked by some irresponsible people! it left at 7 plus. hell would i know how long the car has parked there! i've no choice i have to park at another car park bay. apparently this car didnt register too(security problem) and they are so reluctant to clamp the car too. oh ya, the security group of security are friendly security. (TOO FRIENDLY!)

sian! angry!

really do not how the car driver got his coffee licience. park also dont know how to park. the back makan 2 car park bays. (dont know how my neighbour's honda crv parked his car..)

this kind of selfish people.. dont let me know that this car parks at my car park bay again. if not...

SELFISH and UGLY PEOPLE! btw, this kind of people we called as "BO TA CHE" (hokkien as no study)

ps: i went down 7+ , wanted to take the pictures and announced to the world. well, i think the car owner was lucky. he/she left before that.. if not..

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